Saturday, January 11, 2014

Arbitrator Reduces Alex Rodriguez's Ban to 162 Games

Alex Rodriguez Autographed Two Run Home Run vs. Twins Horizontal 16x20 PhotographArbitrator Fredric Horowitz reduced the ban of alleged cheater and drug user Alex Rodriguez to 162 games. MLB has original suspended the accused PED user for 211 games. The ban includes missing all potential playoff games.

Rodriguez can try getting a court to issue an injunction of his suspension while he pursues the matter in court. While I disagree with the reduction, the reduced suspension might actually make it hard for Alex Rodriguez to claim the ban is unfair and too lengthy.

The ban means that an arbitrator thought that a reduction in the suspension was fair but by upholding the majority of the ban, he is saying that he believes that MLB had sufficient evidence to suspend an alleged cheater.

If Aroid is unsuccessful in getting the courts to issue an injunction and ruling for him in potential lawsuits, his career is probably over. That's a great thing. It's the right thing. The guy not only cheated but he harmed the game. He decided to drag this out and make a mockery of the game of baseball.

I have no sympathy for Alex Rodriguez. I think he's a cheat, a malcontent and degenerate. I think he's a scumbag who associates himself with scumbag lawyers. I hope he spends millions of dollars fighting the ban in the courts and loses.

He would then be out millions for a lost legal cause and out tens of millions for lost salary. I hope this is the end of Adud's baseball career. I hope we don't have to hear much more of this guy's whining and playing the victim card.

Alex, no one forced you to take PEDs. No one forced you to be a jerk and disgusting person. No one forced you to deny the charges levied against you.

The only people that seem to believe you are you and your degenerate lawyers. Have fun with these creeps and see where they are when you're left to rot after losing all your battles. The only thing they will do form you is send you legal bills. Ha ha ha ha!

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most disgusting baseball players in the history of the game of baseball. I think he is enemy number one right now. I don't think he respects the game. I think he's damaged the game and he's unable to accept responsibility for his actions. As a result, his playing career might be over.

I have one more message for this disgusting creep; Good Riddance.

Alex Rodriguez Ban Reduced

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