Sunday, January 5, 2014

Andy Dalton is a Bumbling QB

Signed Andy Dalton Photograph - 16x20 Looking to Pass JSAAndy Dalton, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback (QB) proved his critics right today in their AFC Wild Card game in front of their home field fans. Andy's critics think that he's ineffective in the playoffs. They think he's responsible for their playoff losses.

I agree with Andy's critics. The bumbling QB was terrible today. The Bengals had their chances and were aided by a strong defensive performance. Andy threw 2 INTs and missed many easy passes. He overthrew receivers and some of his passes were awful.

I will say that a couple of times Andy's receivers made things worse like a catch at the 3 yard line and then fumbling and passes the going through the hands but for the most part the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Andy Dalton.

Andy reminds me of Romo. Check that. He somewhat reminds me of Romo. The difference is that Andy Dalton chokes in the playoffs but Romo chokes in games that would get his team to the playoffs.

What's worse, making the playoffs and choking or choking your way out of a playoff berth? I think choking your way out of a playoff spot is worse. It's tough making it to the NFL's post-season, so some credit should be given to a QB for helping his team getting them there but Andy has choked too many times and played terrible football too many times to be given too much credit.

The Bengals lost their first game of the season at home and now the team's fans, management and coaching staff will be asking themselves many questions during the post-season.

I think that the Bengals need to think long and hard if they want the face of their franchise being Andy Dalton. I think if the team decided to cut its ties with Andy, they would have good reasons in doing so. The NFL is about winning and with Andy, the Bengals have been one and done too many times.

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