Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alex Rodriguez Should Consider Being a Better Human Being

Alex Rodriguez Autographed Two Run Home Run vs. Twins Horizontal 16x20 PhotographAlex Rodriguez now says that he would consider taking a lesser ban when independent arbitrator Fredric Horowitz makes his decision on Alex Rodriguez's appeal of a 211 game suspension for cheating (using PEDs). Horowitz is set to rule soon.

Alex is looking for a ban that is less than 100 games. The cost of fighting MLB in the courts will cost him money and there is a chance he could lose in the courts. He would be out of money and out of time.

What irks me about this degenerate is that I believe that he feels entitled to cheat without any consequences. I believe he feels it's OK to cheat.

Up until now, the Roid lover has come out swinging. He's threatened Major League Baseball (MLB) and Bud Selig with lawsuits. He's acted like a thug and punk. He's acted more like a piece of garbage than a decent person.

As the reality sets in that Alex's ban is likely to be upheld, he is now rethinking how much he wants to fight MLB. I think he knows he's guilty and I think he knows the courts will see that he's a cheat and scumbag.

Alex Rodriguez is posturing. My guess is that if MLB's ban is upheld by Horowitz, Alex will try to negotiate a settlement for a lesser ban. Even though he's indicating that he will fight anything more than a 100 game ban, I think that he would be willing to take a ban that is less 150 games.

Would MLB accept a deal with Rodriguez for a ban less than 150 games? I'm not sure. Roidriguez had his chance to negotiate with MLB months ago but chose to appeal the suspension and drag this thing out.

Alex is in a pickle. I believe he knows his chances of escaping a lengthy ban are remote. I believe he also knows that his public image has taken a hit. What Roid needs to focus on now is becoming a better human being.

He should accept whatever ban Horowitz hands out. He should admit that he cheated. He should admit that he took drugs. He should admit that he tried to strong arm MLB. He should apologize for his actions. He then needs to work on trying to repair the damage that he's created.

I don't think Alex Rodriguez is capable of being a decent human being. I think he's a rotten person who doesn't care who he hurts. Until the dude shows me that he has an ounce of decency and until he shows me he's capable of moral and ethical behavior, I will continue to be disgusted by the punk.


Alex Rodriguez

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