Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vikings Win Mall of America Field's Last Game

Mall of America Field 2011The Minnesota has had a tough season this year but their last game at Mall of America Field was a memorable game. The Vikings beat the Detroit Lions 14-13 in dramatic fashion to send the dome off with a bang.

Down 13-7 with the game winding down, the Vikings pulled of a miracle and scored the game winning TD. For a team that has had very little to celebrate in 2013, this was a well fought out battle against divisional rivals.

The Detroit Lions visited the dome for the last time and as far as they are concerned that's a good thing. The Lions have never had much success in the dome.

For the Vikings, they can now look forward to playing the next couple of seasons at TCF Field on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Then it's off to a new home and hopefully a successful future.

Jared Allen is likely done in Minnesota and he ended this chapter of his NFL in good fashion. Allen had two sacks and nearly had a touchdown when he played a down as a tight end. IF it wasn't for a Cassell over throw, he would have had an offensive TD.

The player of the game was Cordarrelle Patterson. The guy is emerging into a star and a great play maker. He had two TDs and his first was a thing of beauty. I look forward to seeing what he can do next season.

There are a lot of moving parts for the Vikings in the off-season. Who will be the team's QB? Cassell had a chance of making a case for the job but his last two games were below average and the team should move on without him and Christian Ponder.

Who will be the head coach in 2014? It is extremely likely that Frazier will be fired soon. There will also be some positional changes and the team has a lot of holes to fill.

I won't go into a long dissertation about each need and each position but the quarterback position is the most important hole to fill and I hope that GM Rick Spielman has nothing to do with it.

While it was nice to beat a divisional foe this season was a complete disaster. The team finished with just enough wins to move themselves out of the QB lottery. The team is in need of a franchise QB and I'm not sure where they can turn for that.

If any of you are thinking about Michael Vick, please reconsider. Vick has seen his best days and he's not the answer for our team. I'm really not sure where the Vikings can turn to solve this need. They've really done themselves in this time and they will need a miracle to get out of it.

Is there a possibility they will trade AP to move up in the draft? Maybe but the fan base loves AP. I'm going to say it now. AP is good trade bait. He's been injury prone the last few years and the I'm not convinced he can stay healthy long-term,

So yes, there is a chance that the Vikings will turn AP into trade bait in order to solve a very big and glaring problem at QB.

See you next year!

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