Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tony Romo Invades Kyle Orton "Hears a Who's" Body During Cowboys Last Drive

The Cowboys defense and offense was alive in the second half. Kyle Orton looked like a QB that could finally win a big December game for the Cowboys. Dallas had scored a TD in their second to last drive moving them within two points of the Philadelphia Eagles.

After Chip Kelly tried to make the eagles look like a college team named the Ducks on 3rd down and 4 and punted the ball back to Dallas, it looked like the stage was set for Orton to show Tony Romo what a winning QB looks like.

Tony wouldn't have that. So he found a way to invade Kyle's body and make sure he threw an interception to seal the Cowboys fate. All kidding aside, this was a typical loss for the Cowboys in a must win situation. It put a huge smile on this football fan's face.

Did you see Jerry Jones reaction after Orton's interception? It was classic. Even I was in disbelief. I had seen Tony Romo do this throughout his career. Dallas always finds a way to lose but this time it felt different. It really looked like Dallas was going to win this game. They owned the 4th quarter.

Dallas fans have endured a lot of these types of heartbreaking losses. The only thing that I can say to them is that I understand. I'm a Vikings fan. I don't even have any Super Bowl championships to ease my pain. At least Cowboys fans have 5 of them.

I would think that Jerry Jones will take a night to sleep on this heartbreaking loss. Jones said in the weeks prior to Sunday night's game that coach Jason Garrett's job was not in jeopardy but the way this team lost another big game, you never can tell.

To be fair this loss is not Garrett's fault. It's on the players. They're the ones that need to get things done. To be fair to Kyle Orton as well, he didn't get the snaps and he did well under the circumstances. I'm not convinced that the same outcome wouldn't have occurred with Romo under center.

It was an exciting game that came down to the wire and the game ended in typical Cowboys fashion.

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