Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ohio State was Over hyped, Overwhelmed and Outplayed in the Big Ten Championship Game

The Ohio State Buckeyes finally played a top 10 ranked team and it came at the wrong time for this bunch of over hyped hacks. I had a feeling that the chokers would lose to Michigan State and I was rewarded with a Michigan State Spartans victory or more importantly a Buckeyes loss.

Michigan stormed out to a 17-0 lead before the pretenders (Ohio State) scored the next 24 points to go up by touchdown. But like all teams that are outmatched and outclassed they allowed the Spartans to score the game's final points (all of them in the final 4 quarters).

The Buckeyes defense hadn't allowed a 100 yard game by an opposing player all season long. On Saturday night Jeremy Langford of the Spartans became the first player to rush for 100+ yards against the chokers. In fact he rushed for 128 yards.

Michigan also racked up the yards in the air as Connor Cook threw for 304 yards and 3 touchdowns (TDs). Cook greatly outplayed his counterpart Braxton Miller who threw for only 101 yards and one TD.

It was awesome to see the Buckeyes taking the lead with a quarter left in the game looking all mighty and proud only to allow the Spartans to run and pass all over them. Michigan State earned the victory and a berth in the Rose bowl.

With the loss, the Buckeyes BCS Championship hopes went up in smoke. Ohio is out and Auburn is in.

Ohio State will have to watch the BCS Championship game from the friendly confines of their dorm rooms. Their dorm room TVs will be the closest the Buckeyes will get to the BCS Championship game and quite honestly it's where they belong.

The Buckeyes were an over hyped team. This team was supposed to have a good offense. The Spartans did come into the game with a one of the best defenses and feasted on Braxton and closed the door on the running game when it counted the most.

I haven't mentioned that the Buckeyes were and overrated team. They were. Maybe it wasn't a choke. Maybe this team wasn't as good as everyone thought they were.

Good luck to Michigan State in the Rose Bowl and Good Luck never to the Ohio State Buckeyes (Trees).

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