Monday, December 30, 2013

NFL Recap - Week 17

Aaron Rodgers Throwing Ball Horizontal 20x24 Photo Unsigned (Signed by William Hauser)An exciting 2013 regular season went out with a bang in week 17. There were some nail biters and down to the wire finishes. San Diego won in OT, the 49ers won on a game ending field goal, Aaron Rodgers stuck a dagger into the Bears with a game winning long bomb TD and the Eagles closed out the season with a game ending INT in Dallas.

Hopefully the playoffs will be just as exciting as the past 3 weeks have been.

Now for the recap:

Cleveland Browns 7 at Pittsburgh Steelers 20
Cleveland - It's back to rebuilding. Let's get rid of the word back in that sentence. We've been rebuilding forever.
Pittsburgh - We won and but for a terrible non-call we would be in the playoffs. We would have fared better with the replacement officials.

Washington Football Team 6 at New York Giants 20
Washington - Thankfully this season is over. Now we can go back to doing what we do worst and that's hiring a good coach, signing the right players and rebuilding for the future.
New York Giants - Things could be worse here in New York. We could be the Jets.

Detroit Lions 13 at Minnesota Vikings 14
Detroit - We did our best to save Leslie's job. That didn't work and in the process of trying to help your team out we got our coach fired.
Minnesota - So the Dome and Leslie go out with a win.

New York Jets 20 at Miami Dolphins 7
New York - Lucky fans of the Jets will have the continued pleasure of having Rex Ryan as their coach next year. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Miami - Fire everyone.

Jacksonville 10 at Indianapolis 30
Jacksonville - We're going to get a QB, yes we are!
Indianapolis - Now that nap time is over we can prepare for the playoffs.

Houston Texans 10 at Tennessee 16
Houston - 14 straight losses? Are you flipping kidding me? 2-14 in a year that was supposed to be our beakout year? Disgusting!
Tennessee - That was a great game of touch football with the Texans.

Baltimore Ravens 17 at Cincinnati Bengals 34
Baltimore Ravens - Steve Bisciotti, Flacco hoodwinked you. He was terrible prior to the 3 games of the playoffs and he has been terrible since the Super Bowl. You wasted money that could have been used to help our team.
Cincinnati - Remind us not to pay obscene amounts of money to a three game wonder like Flacco.

Carolina Panthers 21 at Atlanta Falcons 20
Carolina - Atlanta has played s number of close games but they're great a choking at the end.
Atlanta - We had too many wins for our own good.

St. Louis Rams 9 at Seattle Seahawks 27
St. Louis - There's always next year.
Seattle - We get to rest our booboos and then its show time.

Kansas City Chiefs 24 at San Diego Chargers 27
Kansas City - So you needed a non-call by the officials to win the game.
San Diego - Nope. Just a pathetic kicker.

San Francisco 49ers 23 at Arizona Cardinals 20
San Francisco - Whew! That was close.
Arizona - Our fans and our team are used to games like this.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 at New Orleans Saints 42
Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay - You guys are great at home but unlucky for you, you play on the road next week.
New Orleans - Shut up. Where are you guys going to be for the playoffs?

Buffalo Bills 20 at New England 34
Buffalo - Our efforts to be terrible yielded a crappy draft pick.
New England - All roads lead to Denver.

Denver Broncos 34 at Oakland Raiders 14
Denver - That was a nice half of football for Manning wasn't it?
Oakland - So you think it was a great accomplishment putting a beat down on a pathetic team like ours?

Green Bay Packers 33 at Chicago Bears 28
Green Bay - Everything changes with Rodgers in the lineup. He's a miracle worker.
Chicago - You see what you get with Cutler? You lose. You lose. You lose.

Philadelphia Eagles 24 at Dallas Cowboys 22
Philadelphia - Are you sure that wasn't Romo who threw that interception?
Dallas - We shouldn't even bother to play these games.

That's it for 2013. If your team is in the playoffs, good luck!

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