Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NFL Recap - Week 16

Peyton Manning 2012 Panini National Edition Prestige Cracked Ice Parallel CardHappy Holidays everyone. It's time for another recap of the NFL. Week 16 provided lots of excitement once again. There were the close finishes, the upsets and the amazing. The amazing came in the form of Peyton Manning who broke the single season TD mark of 51. Peyton set the mark in week 16 and the old mark of 50 was set by Tom Brady in week 17.

Now let's recap week 16.

Atlanta Falcons 24 at San Francisco 49ers 34
Atlanta - What do you get when our team is in position to win the game? Matt Ryan and an interception.
San Francisco - Whew! Can you say playoff bound?

Chicago Bears 11 at Philadelphia Eagles 54
Chicago - Cutler's playing terrible football.
Philadelphia - You call that guy a QB.

New England 41 at Baltimore 7
New England - No Gronk! No problem. Our defense feasted on Flacco.
Baltimore - We get one good game from our QB and one bad one. One good one and one bad one.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers 26
Oakland - Note to Pryor's agent: Our coach doesn't want him to fail. Pryor is just failing all on his own.
San Diego - Next week's the test. Yes it is!

Pittsburgh Steelers 38 at Green Bay Packers 31
Pittsburgh - We messed up the first part of the season. We could have. We could have.
Green Bay - Thanks to Detroit and Chicago our pathetic team has a chance.

Arizona Cardinals 17 at Seattle Seahawks 10
Arizona - It's time to take us seriously. Did you see us put the beat down on Seattle?
Seattle - One off game doesn't define us. It's the 12th man's fault.

New York Giants 23 at Detroit Lions 20
New York - Ha ha ha ha ha! We won a game!
Detroit - Hey coach our QB sucks. You suck as well.

Denver Broncos 37 at Texas Texans 13
Denver - One word describes our guy Peyton. Greatest!
Texas - Did we lock up the first pick? One more game to go baby.

Tennessee Titans 20 at Jacksonville Jaguars 16
The season is almost over for both our teams.

New Orleans Saints 13 at Carolina 17
New Orleans - We're screwed if we don't win the division.
Carolina - Now that's a win!

Dallas Cowboys 24 at The Washington Football Team 23
Dallas - That was a costly game for our clutch QB Romo. Unfortunately we won't get to see him mess up another must win game against the Eagles.
Washington - We're pathetic but at least we have a chance to win games without RG3

Cleveland Browns 13 at New York Jets 24
Cleveland - You know you suck when you lose to the Jets and we did.
New York - Geno actually had an average game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 at St. Louis Rams 23
Tampa Bay - We need a new QB and head coach.
St. Louis - We can't wait for next season.

Indianapolis Colts 23 at Kansas City Chiefs 7
Indianapolis -You better watch out for us.
Kansas City - I think we'll be one and done in the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings 14 at Cincinnati Bengals 42
Minnesota Vikings - Screwed and soon to be coach-less.
Cincinnati - Back on track! Back in track!

Buffalo Bills 19 at Miami Dolphins 0
Buffalo - This was our Super Bowl and we didn't lose it.
Miami - Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe our effort and performance.

Worst NFL Season Record

Which team will finish with the NFL's worst record?

Houston Texans
The Washington Football Team
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