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NFL Recap - Week 15 - 2013 Season

Signed Alex Smith Photo - 8x10It's time for another NFL recap and this time it's the week 15 edition. We had a crazy week. The Broncos tanked, Arizona gave up a huge lead in the last few minutes of their game against Tennessee, only to win in OT, Miami upset the Patriotss and "Oh No" Romo is stunkup the field like he always does in December.

There were some exciting games this week and exciting finishes. That's to be expected. Its crunch time in the NFL and playoff berths are riding on many of the games in these last few weeks.

Now let's get to the recap.

San Diego Chargers 27 at Denver 20
San Diego - That wasn't too hard now was it?
Denver - Where's our defense Jack?

Buffalo Bills 27 at Jacksonville 20
Buffalo - We beat the Jags baby!
Jacksonville - Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that we're keeping a good draft pick alive. The bad news is that we've won too many games and hope that doesn't hurt our chances at getting a top 5 draft pick.

San Francisco 49ers 33 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14
San Francisco - We made C'Mon Man.
Tampa Bay - So did we?
San Francisco - But you made it because you're a joke. By the way, who won the game bozos?

Seattle Seahawks 23 at New York Giants 0
Seattle - We can play in the cold in New York. We're made for this weather and we're made for big games.
New York - We love donuts but not the kind that we put on the scoreboard today. Coach, you're asking me how I would describe Eli Manning? How about 5? 5? That's how many INTs he threw.

Philadelphia Eagles 30 and Minnesota Vikings 48
Philadelphia - What's the silver lining you ask? We are competing with Dallas for the division title and Romo sucks in December.
Minnesota - Hey coach? Do you think you should have started Matt earlier in the season?

New England Patriots 20 at Miami Dolphins 24
New England - What the F just happened to us Tom? Shut up Bill! Do you think I have a legitimate go to guy without Gronk.
Miami - Yes we can. Yes we can!

Houston Texans 3 at Indianapolis 25
Houston - Yes Baby!!!! We're going to get the #1 draft pick. This is cause for celebration.
Indianapolis - You call this a prep game for the playoffs?

Chicago Bears 38 at Cleveland Browns 31
Chicago - Coach knows what he's doing. Cutler! Cutler!
Cleveland - When's the draft?

Washington Redskins 26 at Atlanta Falcons 27
Washington - Hey Dan, you see what a good quarterback looks like? Hey RG3? Take notes on how to play QB.
Atlanta - We played a team that's more pathetic than we are.

New York Jets 20 at Carolina Panthers 30
New York - Hey Rex? We get to see the playoffs from a familiar place. Our living rooms.
Carolina - Just a couple more games. Just a couple more games.

Kansas City Chiefs 56 at Oakland Raiders 31
Kansas City - We're back in the win column. I think our guy Alex had a good game, don't you?
Oakland - We suck!

New Orleans Saints 16 at St. Louis 27
New Orleans - Where was Drew? Throwing INTs.
St. Louis - Don't come into our house and expect a win, even if you are the Saints.

Arizona Cardinals 37 at Tennessee Titans 34
Arizona - We thought we would make this exciting.
Tennessee - Like Dennis Green would have said. The Cardinal are who we thought they were and we let them off the hook (check out Dennis Green's meltdown after a total collapse to the Bears in 2006).

Green Bay Packers 37 at Dallas Cowboys 36
Green Bay - You have to love Tony Romo. If you're an opponent playing them in December.
Dallas - Run the ball Tony! Run the Ball Tony! Don't pass the ball Tony! You're a loser Tony!

Cincinnati Bengals 20 at Pittsburgh Steelers 30
Cincinnati - Meow!
Pittsburgh - You actually thought the Bengals could beat us in our house and in the swirling wind? No way. No how.

Baltimore Ravens 18 at Detroit Lions 16
Baltimore - We knew that Stafford sucks!
Detroit - Did Tony Romo sneak into the game on the last drive and pretend to be Matthew Stafford?

That's a wrap on another exciting week in the NFL. Next week will be more intense and I hope even more exciting.

Article source: C'Mon on Monday Night Football.

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