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NFL Recap - Week 14 - 2013 Season

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Autographed 8'' x 10'' Photograph with Happy Holidays Inscription - Mounted MemoriesThere were some crazy finishes on Sunday. The most notable finish on Sunday was the end of the Ravens Vikings game. An honorable mention was New England's crazy last minute comeback over the Cleveland Browns. You can never count out Tom Brady. He's Mr. Clutch.

The games are getting crazier and crazier as the season nears an end. You can expect that to continue in the next few weeks.

The recap begins now.
Houston Texans 20 at Jacksonville Jaguars 27
Houston - Hey interim head coach? What do the numbers 14 and 17 mean to you? 14 are the number of penalties we had and 177 yards are the number of yards those penalties cost us.
Jacksonville - If we think the Texans suck you know they're really bad.

Minnesota Vikings 26 at Baltimore Ravens 29
Minnesota - The refs cost us the game, did they cheat? It looks like it.
Baltimore - Those refs really sucked. We won the game because of their brutal calls.

Kansas City Chiefs 45 at The Washington Football Team 10
Kansas City - The way to stop a losing streak is to play Washington.
Washington - Cousins! Cousins! Cousins!

Buffalo Bills 6 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
Buffalo - When you throw 4 interceptions you don't have much of a Chance of winning the game.
Tampa Bay - Coach? Glennon sucks. What saved Glennon on Sunday? Manuel.

Miami Dolphins 34 at Pittsburgh Steelers 28
Miami - We won in the snow. Yes we did.
Pittsburgh - Don't step out of bounds! Don't step out of bounds. He stepped out of bounds.

Detroit Lions 20 at Philadelphia Eagles 34
Detroit - Win the NFC North? We have to win to do that? Green Bay will take it.
Philadelphia - It's us and the Cowboys. Foles or Romo?  Foles!

Oakland Raiders 27 at New York Jets 37
Oakland - We're playing for a draft pick.
New York Jets - Geno only threw 1 interception.

Cleveland Browns 26 at New England Patriots 27
Cleveland - So a 13 point lead with 61 seconds left isn't enough? That's pathetic.
New England - Tom is the man!

Atlanta Falcons 21 at Green Bay Packers 22
Atlanta - Isn't it obvious we're playing for a draft pick to replace Matt?
Green Bay - Thankfully we played the Falcons. They suck.

Indianapolis Colts 28 at Cincinnati Bengals 42
Indianapolis Colts - Lucky had a great game. Our defense? They aren't worth mentioning.
Cincinnati - Dalton, Dalton. Playoffs, Playoffs.

Tennessee Titans 28 at Denver Broncos 51
Tennessee - How do you stop Peyton? We're not made to stop a guy like that.
Denver - Cold weather problems? You obviously didn't see me play to today. I only had 4 TDs and only threw for 397 yards. The weather? 18 degrees. Is that cold enough?

Seattle Seahawks 17 at San Francisco 49ers
Seattle - The refs cost us the game. That's a trend throughout the NFL. The officials are a joke.
San Francisco - Stop your whining. We beat you fair and square.

New York Giants 14 at San Diego 37
New York - We're starting a new losing streak and it's being engineered by the turnover king himself (Eli Manning).
San Diego - OK, we destroyed the hapless Giants. The next target is Denver. Don't count on us winning that game.

St. Louis Rams 10 at Arizona Cardinals 30
St. Louis - We stepped on to the field and the game was already over.
Arizona - Why won't we make the playoffs? We suck on the road and our next two games are on the road.

Carolina 13 at New Orleans Saints 31
Carolina - OK, so we conceded the division but watch out for us in the playoffs.
New Orleans - Take that and that and that. The Drew Brees Show was on fire on Sunday Night.

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears - Will be updated after the game.

I knew things would heat up in the last 4 weeks of the season. I haven't been disappointed with the excitement of the games. Things will get even better in the next three weeks. I think a number of races will come down to week 17. That means that we'll see good games and not the customary second and third stringers playing out the season.

Dallas Cowboys  28 at Chicago Bears 45
Dallas - It's December which means disaster. Romo Time it's not.
Chicago - Our defense shut down "Oh No" Romo. Did you see our QB. He lit up the scoreboard tonight.

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