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NFL Recap - Week 13 - 2013 Season

Reggie Bush Autographed Picture - LIONS 2 8X10 Mounted MemoriesIt was a weird, wacky, thrilling and exciting week in the NFL during week 13. We had it all. We had a cheating coach trying to trip a player, players shoving officials and great plays by some of the game's biggest stars. Week 13 provided us with a glimpse of what we should expect going forward.

I would say that Turkey week was a success.

Let's get to the recap!

Green Bay 10 at Detroit Lions 40
Green Bay - We have one player who can help us win and he's injured. Week 14 baby. Watch out as he returns or not.
Detroit - Obliterated doesn't even begin to describe what we did to the Packers. Hey Packers, you call us dirty? At least we don't shove the officials.
P.S. Did you see Reggie Bush? He was on fire.

Oakland Raiders 24 at Dallas Cowboys 31
Oakland - We had these guys. Yes we did. We had them until the last Dallas drive of the 4th quarter. We suck!
Dallas - Believe in Romeo now? He's led us to victory two weeks in a row.

Pittsburgh Steelers 20 at Baltimore Ravens 22
Pittsburgh - Coach get your foot off the field. What are you trying to do, cheat your way to victory?
Baltimore Ravens - We love our kicker. Yes we do.

New England Patriots 34 at Houston Texans 31
New England - Did you actually think that we were going to lose to those clowns?
Houston - Stop laughing at us. Yes, we are pathetic but be nice. It hurts to be this bad.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 at Carolina Panthers 27
Tampa Bay - It was nice winning while it lasted. Now we're back to reality. We will stink up the field with our poor playing. Where's Josh Freeman when you don't need him?
Carolina - This was hardly the competitive game we needed before heading to New Orleans.

Arizona Cardinals 21 at Philadelphia Eagles 24
Arizona - Where do we get a Nick Foles?
Philadelphia - You can see that we're a good team with a good QB. Ship Vick. Ship Vick, because we have Nick.

Miami Dolphins 23 at New York Jets 3
Miami - How the heck did those misfits score 3 points?
New York - Hey coach; sit Geno for the remainder of the season. Josh Freeman would give us a better chance of winning.

Chicago Bears 20 at Minnesota Vikings 23
Chicago - Are you kidding me? We're terrible. How can we lose to those bozos?
Minnesota - Ha ha ha ha ha. We won! We won! We won! Give me some AP, AP and some more Adrian Peterson.

Tennessee Titans 14 at Indianapolis 22
Tennessee - Luck sucked but Fitzy was even worse.
Indianapolis - Yes we can!

Jacksonville Jaguars 32 at Cleveland Browns 28
Jacksonville - We won baby. Two game winning streak. Hey dude, we've only beaten the Browns and Texans during our two game winning streak. That's hardly anything to be proud of.
Cleveland - The only thing worse than losing is losing to a pathetic team like the Jaguars.

St. Louis Rams 13 at San Francisco 49ers 23
St. Louis - Without our man Sam you can bet on a loss every week.
San Francisco - Wild Card baby.

Atlanta Falcons 34 at Buffalo Bills 31
Atlanta - Fumblllle!!!
Buffalo - On a bright note, the only thing worse than us losing at Rogers Centre on Sunday was Mayor Rob Ford who came to watch us lose.

Cincinnati Bengals 17 at San Diego Chargers 10
Cincinnati - We're one step closer to wrapping up the division.
San Diego - So you believed in us and Rivers? Shame on you!

Denver Broncos 35 at Kansas City Chiefs 28
Denver - There's nothing wrong with our architect. Last week was a minor blip on the screen.
Kansas City - We still can't beat a good team and quarterback. When do we play Jacksonville, Houston and Cleveland again? We don't this season. We're in big trouble.

New York Giants 24 at the Washington Football Team
New York Giants - Thanks for the help refs!
Washington - NFL officials suck!

New Orleans Saints 34 at Seattle Seahawks 7
New Orleans - That Wilson kid is awesome. That Seattle defense is great.
Seattle - Our Wilson kid is awesome. Our defense is great.

Turkey Award
For the first time ever, Sportmentary is presenting our Turkey award. The Turkey award goes to the player, coach, team or official that did something so dumb, so stupid or so unthinkable. It was a tough choice. There were two notable candidates.

Candidate #1 - Mike Tomlin. The cheat stood on the sideline and tried to interfere with a player who was making his way to the end zone.

Candidate #2 - Chris Cook who shoved an official during the Vikings game against the Chicago Bears.

And the award goes to Mike Tomlin. His bone headed actions during the Steelers Ravens game is the hands down dumbest thing that I saw in week 13. I believe he cheated and I don't think he did a good job trying to explain his actions.

As for Chris Cook, I've come to expect that he's a violent thug. So it wasn't that big a surprise to me when he shoved an official.

Are you ready for some exciting NFL football? You'll have to wait until week 14 for another full week of games.

Turkey Award

Who do you think should win the Turkey Award?

Chris Cook
Mike Tomlin
  Current Results

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