Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mike D’Antoni Should Keep His Piehole Shut

2011 Los Angeles Lakers 9x12 Logo PlaqueMike D’Antoni responded to a reporter’s comment that LA Lakers fans have become discouraged by the team’s performance by saying that they can find another team to cheer for. I didn’t like D’Antoni’s signing last season. I think he’s an incompetent head coach and struggles to get the most of his players. Now I truly dislike the man and I have no respect for him.

Telling Lakers fans to find another team to cheer for is a cop out and it’s an attempt to avoid addressing a very real problem for the team and that’s has a fan base that is used to seeing their team win. They’re not use to this complete and utter mess that D’Antoni has created.

I believe the real problem for this team is D’Antoni. When he was hired I was concerned that the team would have a terrible defense. That was true last season. The Lakers were near the bottom of the league when it came to giving up the most points.

This season hasn’t changed. When it comes to giving up points, the Lakers are ranked 28th out of 30 teams. That means the Lakers have a garbage defense for the second straight season.

Last season the Lakers had a high power offense and that was enough to lead them to the 8th and final playoff spot in the NBA playoffs. This season they are ranked 17th in scoring.

The Lakers are currently in 10th place in the Western Conference and their chances of making the playoffs this season is slim to none.

You can blame some of the Lakers offensive issues on the fact that Kobe has been injured for most of the season but even if Kobe was in the lineup and playing like the Kobe we’ve come to love, the team would still be in big trouble.

I think that D’Antoni should be fired. He’s like a bad disease that’s inflicting the team. He seems to brush away all criticism by saying fans can pick another team and insinuating that disgruntled players can go elsewhere. That’s a terrible approach by a terrible coach.

I believe that the D’Antoni signing was one of the worst signings by the Lakers in their history. Instead of getting a head coach that can build a winner with a balanced approach of offense and defense the offensive minded head coach has a one dimensional team that can barely compete with the contenders in the offensive game.

The Lakers are a real mess and I blame D’Antoni. Check that. I blame Lakers management for hiring this bum over Phil Jackson. The team snubbed Jackson in favor of a clown. They have a complete and utter disaster as a head coach and one that doesn’t care about the fans.

It is clear to me that D’Antoni is sticking the metaphorical middle finger at the fans of LA. How dare D’Antoni speak this way. How dare he snub the fans that pay his obscene salary. D’Antoini is not earning his keep and instead of focusing on building a winner he has decided to point he finger at the fans.

Instead of taking the blame for his actions the guy is acting like a cry baby and pointing his finger at everyone but himself. It’s hard to be a Lakers fan with that ding dong as the coach.

Shame on D’Antoni. Shame on him.

Article source: ESPN.com (D’Antoni article) and ESPN.com NBA Stats.

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