Sunday, December 15, 2013

Matt Cassell Obliterates the Philadelphia Eagles

The hottest team in the NFL came to Minneapolis and Mall of America Field in the hopes of extending their winning streak to 6 games and nearing closer to an NFC East division title. The problem for Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles is that Matt Cassell had other plans on Sunday. He shredded the Eagles defense leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 48 point performance.

Matt was awesome on Sunday. He engineered the Vikings offense on scoring drive after scoring drive. An offense that has been anemic all season and looked like a Pop Warner team under Christian Ponder looked like an offensive machine on Sunday.

Cassell threw for 382 yards, went 26/35 (completions to passes thrown) and threw for 2 TDs. That was good for a passer rating of 116.6.

Craig Jennings who's been almost non-existent this season had a career day today. Yes, he had a better day under Matt Cassell than he ever had under Aaron Rodgers. Cassell had all the guys moving today. We saw some long balls, some clutch passes and catches and we saw Matt run a  couple of times.

Craig Jennings finished the game with 11 receptions for 163 yards and 1 TD. It was good to see him have a great day.

Cassell's performance allowed Vikings fans to forget about Ponder and how awful he is. Hopefully now, Vikings coaches will realize that Ponder isn't the right guy to lead the team's offense. Matt made a legitimate case to be considered the starter next year.

Sure we might still get a good draft pick but if the Vikings win another game or two they will likely have to settle for a 6th to 10th pick. That's still good but it would take them out of the running for the hottest QB class we've seen in years.

If Cassell wins out and shows us what he has when he's played this season, a case could be made for the Vikings to focus their draft pick on another hole and position that needs to be filled.

Matt moved the offense with precision and it was without Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart who sat out of today's game.

It was nice to see the offense put 48 points on the board, control the clock and dominate an opponent. I believe we would have seen a different outcome had Ponder started the game. I hope that this is the end of Ponder in Minnesota.

The defense played well in the second half and in parts of the second half but they gave up too many points and allowed the Eagles to climb back into the game late in the third quarter. Had it not been for Matt Cassell and the Vikings offense the Vikings probably would have lost the game.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Matt Cassell can do against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road. That's another tough test for the offense. If Matt continues to light it up against the Bengals he should be given serious consideration to be the starter in 2014.

Let's give some more credit to Matt Cassell and his offense. The Vikings came played against a legitimate NFC contender and they reduced them to mush. That is something I've wanted to see all season long.

Skol Vikings!

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