Sunday, December 22, 2013

Manning! Manning! Manning!

Peyton Manning Autographed White Jersey Throwing vs Bills Horizontal 16x20 PhotographPeyton Manning threw for 4 touchdowns (2 in the 4th quarter) to set the single season TD record. Manning has had an incredible season. He's been nearly impossible to stop and his Denver Broncos will lock up the AFC West with another victory in their final game next week or a New England loss tonight.

I wrote in my week 16 NFL predictions that Peyton would break the single season TD record. I'm really happy that Peyton set the record. He's my favorite player and I believe that he's not only the best QB ever but is a great leader and sportsman.

I don't think that this record could be set by a better sportsman. He's great for the NFL. He's great for the Denver Broncos and he's great for sports. So what's next for Peyton Manning? I sure hope that it's winning the Super Bowl.

Peyton has had a few tough games this season (Indianapolis, New England and San Diego). Each time he's been criticized. Each time he's responded with big games and this week he responded with 4 TDs, 440 yards passing and an NFL record. Let's see the so called experts criticize him now. They won't. He's the greatest. He's the greatest!

Peyton set the record against the worst team in the NFL (Houston Texans) but he still had to do his part and perform well. A win is  a win is a win. The only way they will be able to take this record away is if another QB breaks Peyton's.

Peyton has to be perfect to escape criticism but he's led the Broncos to a 12-3 record.

The Denver Broncos has one game to go and it will be interesting if he plays if the Patriots lose.

Peyton is playing his greatest football after missing a season to a neck injury two seasons ago and at the young age of 37. 37 is old for an NFL QB and while he might still have a few years ahead of him, a QB at this age usually is not performing the way they did in their prime.

Peyton still seems to be in his prime. The guy is amazing. The guy is fun to watch and in my opinion, the guy is easy to cheer for.

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Peyton Manning Sets TD Record

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