Friday, December 6, 2013

In a Word - Show Me the Money

Show me the money is the theme for this week's In a Word column. It's not because all our entries have something to do with money but one does in a big way. The person on the list has been shown the money and that's an understatement. Most Mega Millions drawings don't pay out as much as this guy is going to make over the next 10 years.

Now let's get to In a Word ( a recap of sports stories from the past week, in a word).

Robinson Cano - Bank.

Kobe Bryant - Toronto.

Gary Kubiak - Unemployed.

Tiger Woods - Birdies.

Mike Tomlin - Idiot.

Mike Tomlin - Cheater.

Mike Tomlin - Fined.

US World Cup Draw - Doomed.

Jameis Winston - Chargeless.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Playoffs?

Adrian Peterseon - Thousands.

Adrian Peterson - Ciao.

Chris Cook - Menace.

Aaron Rodgers - Out.

That's it for this week's In a Word sports recap. Yes, there were more themes than just show me the money but that is the big story of the week so far. I guess I could have called this column Tomlincheat but having Tomlin in the column's title would have been inexcusable.

Robinson Cano

Did the Mariners make the right decision signing Cano to such a large contract?

I'm not sure
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