Sunday, December 8, 2013

Disaster in Baltimore for the Minnesota Vikings

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With 38 seconds left in the game against the Baltimore Ravens Minnesota had a 4 point lead. Baltimore marched down the field for the game winning TD. The game had been close until the final couple of minutes when both teams went on a touchdown bonanza with some electrifying plays.

Once again Matt Cassell gave this team a chance to win. Vikings players are much better with Cassell at the helm but the Vikings defense crumbled when it mattered most.

The only good thing to come out of this fiasco in Baltimore was that the Vikings great draft pick is still in play. There will probably be 5 potential franchise QBs in the 2014 NFL draft. With this loss the Vikings hold on to the 4th worst record and need to lose out to guarantee a good draft pick.

All season long Leslie Frazier has continued to spew garbage and has started the wrong QB. Even when he’s started Cassell (who’s deserved his starts) Frazier has said that he’s started him because Ponder was hurt. That’s either garbage or being an inept head coach.

I expect Frazier continue to fumble his way through making the QB starting decision this week. Look for Christian Ponder to start next week. As far as we know, Leslie saw Ponder do great things today even though he didn't play.

The big disaster today was the loss of Adrian Peterson in the second quarter. He was taken off the field and went to a local hospital and had Xrays taken. The Vikings didn't release the results of the exam and said they would wait until the end of the game.

AP will have an MRI on Monday.

The air went out of my sails when I saw AP go down. He is the backbone of this team and we need him to have a chance to win games.

In a post-game interview Leslie Frazier said that it looked like AP had sprained his foot but we'll have to see what the MRI results show. We'll have to see if AP's season is over with only three games left. 

The loss of AP could have been bigger as far this game was concerned but Toby Gerhart had good game today and had a big run late in the fourth quarter to put the Vikings in the lead. Gerhart ran for 89 yards.

As far as this season is concerned it's over but If the Vikings really want to win games or want to try and win games, Cassell gives them the best chance of winning.

I say play Josh Freeman and guarantee a draft pick for the Vikings. Winning doesn't do the team any good right now. If the team racks up victories all it will mean is losing out on a potentially great QB. This team needs a QB. They need a leader. They need to get back to making the playoffs. They need to build an offense around a franchise quarterback.

What gets me is that this team has a terrible time finishing games. The Vikings gave up 2 big TDs with less than 1:20 left on the clock.

After Gerhart ran for a big TD, the Vikings popped up the kickoff that went to Jacoby Jones and he returned it for a TD. What the heck were the Vikings thinking kicking to Jones? That was stupid. Then the Vikings came back with a big passing play for a TD. That left 38 seconds Left on the clock and the Ravens needing to go 80 yards for the game winner.

Flacco did just that and with that the disaster in Minnesota was complete.e

The big difference in favor of the Ravens were the cheating NFL officials. They seemed to cheat in favor of the Ravens. Were they paid off? did the NFL want them to cheat? That's pure speculation on my pat but a called Gerhart fumble (reviewed) was clearly not a fumble. The cheat was on.

Then there was the called pass interference on Greenway. That was bogus as well. But for those calls, the Vikings would have won the game.

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  1. As my son likes to say when I try and explain why I really deserved to win our NHL 14 game - "Scoreboard."

    That is all that matters. The snowballs thrown by the gracious fans of Baltimore were merely tossed lightly to him for use in suppressing the swelling in his sprained ankle.

    1. I think it would be nice for your son to see that world doesn't have to revolve around cheaters.

  2. Its not cheating when refs miss calls - scoreboard.

  3. It is cheating when refs purposefully make calls that they know are wrong, especially after reviewing the play. The cheat was on.

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