Thursday, December 19, 2013

Brandon Browner Won't Accept His Punishment

Brandon Browner joins the list athletes that won't accept their punishment for violating league substance abuse policies. The Seattle Seahawks player was suspended indefinitely by the NFL for being a repeat offender of the NFL's substance abuse program.

I don't care why, how or what his particular issue was for his suspension. He has been suspended before for PED use. The guy is a cheat and low life and it’s his fault that he's being banned. He refused an offer to reduce his ban and has chosen to go down fighting.

Browner has vowed to sue the NFL if his ban isn't overturned. Good luck Mr. Browner. The chances of that happening are slim to none. So you will have to sue the NFL. Good luck with that as well.

So Mr. Browner, how are you going to make a living while under suspension? I think you have all the qualifications to be a drug dealer. Then when you're caught, you can threaten to sue the cops as well. It seems as you're in denial Mr. Browner.

I said the degenerate joins a list of other players who vowed to fight their suspensions. The most recent athlete to make a mockery of his sport is Alex Rodriguez.

I think Browner idolizes the punk named Rodriguez and wants follow in his footsteps. Now that's a great role model isn't it? Maybe Browner should pick an honorable person to be his role model. He should pick someone with good morals and who has integrity. He should pick someone who is honest and respects others.

Browner reminds me of a child. When they're caught they deny wrongdoing. Then when they're punished they believe that it's unfair. Sadly for Browner, it doesn't matter what he thinks. The NFL believes he should be punished for violating THEIR rules and he will be forced to comply.

Yes Mr. Browner, it's the NFL's rules and their league. If you don't like it choose another profession. Hopefully it will be one that keeps you out of the public eye and in seclusion. I believe that most people don't care how you feel. They want you to go away and shut your mouth.

I think that Browner will fail in all his attempts to escape punishment. When all is said and done, Browner will have wasted his time and effort and received a longer ban than if he had just accepted his punishment.

Guys like Browner make me sick and I hope he is beaned from playing in the NFL for a long time. The closest thing Browner is going to come to playing his opponents in football is by playing Xbox.

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