Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Fans in the World?

Lambeau Field Panoramic Poster 23 Packers Hof Facsimile Autographs Le /100!There's this belief that the Green Bay Packers are the best drunken fans, I mean best fans in the world. I always thought that was overstated. Don't get me wrong, Packers fans are great fans and support their team but they're not the best. Who is? I could list a number of teams that have fan bases that are comparable to the Packers but there isn't a clear cut winner.

This greatest fans nonsense took a comical turn this week. ESPN.com is reporting that as of Tuesday, there were still 11,000 unsold tickets left to this Sunday's NFC Wild Card game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field..

So should we call Packers fans the best? No. The best fans would have already bought all the tickets by now. There wouldn't be the need to keep the ticket office open on New Year's Day. The best just wouldn't have to do that.

Seattle isn't having that problem. They sold out and there game is couple of weekends away. So should we call Seattle fans the best? Maybe. We've all heard about the 12th man.

I think that Green Bay fans are showing their true colors. Are they really that great? Maybe but they had a harder time selling tickets than the so called great fans would have thought. Maybe they should sell the tickets for7 eleven type prices.

I'm just having fun here. I have no doubt that the Packers will sell out. It would be unthinkable if they didn't. It would also be laughable and we would have to seriously reconsider if Packers fans were that great if they didn't sell out.

I'm surprised that the Packers actually have to work hard to sell all their tickets. Selling out usually comes easy for the team. It's not like they have any other competition in town or the state for that matter, unless you consider the Milwaukee Bucks.

I hope they don't sell out. It would make for a good follow-up article. Here's hoping for the Packers not to have a sellout. Bad Luck Packers and that comes from the heart.

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  1. Wow. That was one of the most poorly written articles ever.
    If you write a follow-up, I hope it has a point.

  2. One of the dumbest comments ever. I guess we're even.


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