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Adrian Peterson and Matt Cassell Lead the way for Vikings 3rd Victory of 2013

Signed Adrian Peterson Photo - 8x10 AD28 HologramWith Christian Ponder out of the way, Adrian Peterson (AP) and Matt Cassell were able to lead the Vikings to victory in an overtime thriller. The Vikings needed some lucky plays to win the game but they also had a player (Rhett Ellison - see bottom of page) who made a couple of terrible plays that could have given the victory to the Chicago Bears.

Matt Cassell was brilliant in the 4th quarter, with the Vikings down by 10 points. With AP having another remarkable day running the football, Matt was able lead the Vikings on a couple long drives. Matt showed why he should be the starting quarterback (QB) for the remainder of the season.

I don't like to see any quarterback hurt on the field of play, especially the QB of my team. That definitely is true when talking about Christian Ponder. I hope that he’s OK but he didn't deserve to be starting this game or most others this season. His play on the field prior to his concussion was terrible. He played like an amateur, not a professional QB.

I'm sure that Leslie Frazier will say he saw some good things from Ponder and will start the atrocious QB if Ponder is healthy to play next week. Ponder made one good pass that made up the majority of his 40 first half passing yards. The guy was pathetic.

Matt Casell came into the game and showed Vikings fans what a decent NFL QB looks like. Ponder couldn't do anything against the same defense that Caseell shredded for 243 second half passing yards.

It is evident to me and most Vikings fans that Ponder is not worthy of being the team's starting QB. His performance 70% of the time is terrible and that's being nice. He doesn't seem to have a grasp of the game and it's time that Leslie Frazier benches him for good.

On another positive note, the Vikings defense that came into the game ranked 30th in the NFL had a good game today. They made the stops when they needed to and limited the Bears offense to only 20 points.

With the defense doing its job, the Vikings were able to utilize AP all day long and he rewarded the team with a 200+ rushing yards. In overtime when they needed to lean on AP the most, he shined and got the team the first downs that put Blair Walsh in position to kick the game winning field goal.

I'm sure that most Vikings fans want to see Cassell next week. I'm sure AP does as well. With a QB who is able to pick up first downs, it opens the door for AP to do his thing and that's run all over opposing defenses and the field.

Other Notes
I mentioned in the opening that Rhett Ellison made a couple of terrible plays that could have allowed the Bears to win the game. Late in the 4th quarter with Cassell throwing him the perfect pass for an easy TD, Ellison bobbled the catch and the Bears intercepted the ball.

Then in overtime, Blair Walsh kicked what looked like the game winner but Ellison was flagged for a facemask. That moved the ball 15 yards back and Walsh was left to attempt a 57 yard field goal, which he missed.

Thankfully for Rhett, his teammates bailed him out and won the game.

Then there's Chris Cook. We all know that this thug loves to beat women. He can now add abusing an NFL official to his resume. I dislike Cook and think that he should have been released a long time ago. The guy is a piece of garbage. I hope that he's suspended.

After his ejection the Vikings defense looked better without him.

Will Leslie Frazier smell the coffee and see reality? That reality reality is that Christian Ponder is a liability to this football team.

Skoll Vikings.

Christian Ponder vs Bears

Is this the end of Christian Ponder?

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