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2013 NFL Picks - Week #15

Autographed Peyton Manning Picture - Orange Jersey 8x10 SteinerWelcome back to Sportmentary's NFL picks for week #14. I had a decent week last week that was highlighted by my Chicago pick. It wasn't the upset special pick but it should have been. For the second week in a row I didn't do well with my upset special. I picked Carolina and we all know how they did in the Big Easy.

I hope to knock my picks out of the ball park in week 15.

In week 14 I went 4-2 bringing my total for the year to 41 correct and 24 incorrect.

Thursday Night Special - San Diego (6-7) at Denver (11-2)
San Diego will enter Thursday night's game needing a victory to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Denver has already clinched a playoff spot but they haven't locked up the division. With KC on their heels, Denver will need to win two of their final three games to win the division.

Look for Peyton Manning to continue his amazing season with another big game. Peyton must be licking his chops. It's a divisional game at home and I like Denver's chances.

Denver wins 48-31.
Peyton throws for 4 TDs as he moves in on Brady's record.

Purple Pride Special - Philadelphia Eagles (8-5) at Minnesota Vikings (3-9-1)
Philadelphia faces one of their toughest tests of the year. I'm just kidding. This should be as close to a guaranteed victory as there is for the Eagles.

If Philadelphia plays like they have for the past 5 games, the Vikings will have a tough time taking the field on offense. We've seen games where the Vikings opponent controlled the clock ensuring that the Vikings offense was on the bench and not in field of play.

Nick Foles will continue his dream season by throwing for 4 TDs and more than 400 yards.

Philadelphia wins 45-24 and Minnesota moves one step closer to a top 4 draft pick.

Upset in the Making - Houston Texans (2-11) at Indianapolis Colts (8-5)
With their head coach having been shown the door and Houston players trying to prove they belong on the team next year, look for the Texans to put their 11 game losing streak to an end.

I'm not impressed with Luck this year. He's had some good games but he's also been a bust a number of times this season.

I think we'll see the Texans defense lasso Luck and reel him in.

Houston wins 34-13.

Snoozer of the Week - The Washington Football Team (3-10) Team at Atlanta Falcons (3-10)
This is a matchup of misfits. These are two terrible teams and don't deserve too much in here.

Atlanta wins 17-6.

Wild Card of the Week - Green Bay Packers (6-6-1) at Dallas Cowboys (7-6)
Aaron Rodgers still hasn't been cleared to play. If he was cleared, the Green Bay Offense would put 50+ points up against the Pathetic Dallas Cowboys defense. How bad is the Cowboys defense? They’re so bad that Tony Romo's play was limited while the Chicago Bears racked up points, yards and chewed up the clock on Monday Night.

If Flynn plays he might only lead the Packers to 35+ points. Will Romo be able to do enough against a porous Packers defense? I'm not sure. It is December and this is when the Oh No Romos come out to destroy the Cowboys.

There are a lot of ifs regarding this game. Both teams need to win to keep their playoff chances alive.

Green Bay wins 38-21.

Lock of the Week - Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) at Oakland Raiders (4-9)
Kansas City has an easy game to try and keep pace with the mighty Denver Broncos who have a one game lead over the Chiefs.

Normally this divisional rivalry would lead one to believe that this will be a close game. Not this year. Both teams are on opposite ends of the win loss spectrum.

Oakland is a terrible team and I think they will be manhandled by the Chiefs.

Kansas City wins 38-10.

Monday Night Football - Baltimore (7-6) at Detroit (7-6)
This is another game where both teams need to win. Detroit is trying to win the NFC North and any slip ups in the remaining three weeks will prove to be disastrous.

Baltimore is playing for a Wild Card berth. They are in a battle with the Miami Dolphins. A loss against the Lions could put a big dent in their playoff hopes.

Detroit has the advantage here. The game will be played at home in the friendly confines of the dome.

Flacco and the Ravens are inconsistent and don't do well on the road.

If Stafford can get on a role early, the Ravens will be blown away.

Detroit wins 41-20.

There they are. Take the picks for what they're worth.

This could end up being the most entertaining week of 2013 so far. There are so many games with lots riding on the outcome. Playoff positions may be lost or won this week. Every game counts for the contenders and the other teams like the Vikings will relish their role as spoilers.

Have a great week. Enjoy the games and good luck to your team.

Article source: jsonline.com.

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