Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Did Martin's Teammates Want Him To Do? Put a Bullet in Incognito's Brain?

Jonathan Martin Miami Dolphins Sublimated 10.5'' x 13'' Plaque - Mounted MemoriesI've waited a week to comment on the Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito controversy. Incognito is accused of bullying and there are transcripts that show that Incognito used racial epithets towards Martin, including a voice mail message that Incognito left for Martin.

Early reaction to Martin leaving the team included football players and fans calling him weak. Many thought that a real man would confront Incognito. The Dolphins initial reaction was one of denial. I think that reaction and the reaction by some people in the past week are ridiculous and barbaric.

So some people, including some of his teammates say he should have gone to the team's leadership council that included Incognito. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Some people say he should have manned up and confronted Incognito. Yeah, right.

I believe if he would have confronted Incognito, he would suffered dire consequences and been bullied by other veterans. I think that the weak and immature response would have been to confront Incognito.

Martin is a real man and an adult. In a tough situation Martin removed himself from the conflict. Way to go Jonathan. Way to go. The media and the football world should use Martin as an example of how to act.

Too many times we hear about athletes who've committed rape, murder and other crimes. Is that manly? No it isn't. Are those morons tough guys? Maybe but look at Aaron Hernandez. He is locked up in a cage like a crazed animal. Way to go Aaron. You're a real man...NOT!

What if Martin had walked into the Dolphins locker room, gone up to Incognito and put a bullet in his brain? Would we be calling Martin a tough guy, a man, a standup guy? No we would be ridiculing him and asking how this sort of thing could happen.

Incognito has a bad reputation and image. He's run out his welcome with almost every team he's been with (NFL and college). St. Louis, Buffalo and Oakland severed ties with him. He's a guy who's been voted dirtiest and second dirties player in the NFL. This is a guy that confronts teammates, opponents and coaches. He's a piece of garbage.

If I have to take sides, I look at two very different people. Martin is well educated and comes from a good home. Incognito is a dumb ass thug. I pick to support Martin and the way he handled this situation.

I Hope that Incognito's days in the NFL are over but I know some idiotic team will think he's a good risk. That's what dumb team looking for a talented player will do. They will overlook a guy who's been a troublemaker in his college and football careers.

I'm glad that Martin didn't put a bullet into Incognito's brain. Martin did the right thing. Now the Dolphins have to deal with a big mess that their management and leadership created.

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