Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two of the Most idiotic Soccer Fans Ever

Two of the most idiotic soccer fans in the world reside in Uganda. Why are these two fans complete and utter morons, idiots and disgusting human beings? Why are they among the most disgusting fans in sports? It has to do with a weird, dumb, pathetic and inhumane wager that these men entered into.

What was the wager and who are these men? The men are Henry Dhabasani and Rashid Yiga. The wager was placed on the Arsenal/Manchester United match last Sunday. Dhabasani is an Arsenal fan and he wagered his house for the bet. In return Yiga offered his wife and Toyota.

If Arsenal won the match, Yiga would have to give his Toyota and wife to Dhabasani. If Manchester City won, Dhabsani would have to give his house to Yiga. Arsenal lost 1-0 and Dhabasani lost his house. Thankfully it was only a house he lost. Yiga could have given up his wife as if she was a piece scrap. I guess in Uganda, women are the property of men.

To make things worse and as idiotic, after the match, Manchester United fans kicked Dhabasani and his family out of his house. I'm not concerned about Dhabasani, because I think that he's a useless piece of garbage. His family on the other hand are victims of a brutal and uncaring community.

The contract (wager) was witnessed by community members. This is disgusting. It shows me that Uganda is a country that treats women like cow dung. The fact that community leaders witnessed and allowed this contract to take its course shows me that the country is still in the Bronze Age.

I'm disgusted that not only would the piece of garbage Yiga wager his wife but I'm also disgusted that the evil and worthless community leaders could take part in such an inhumane wager. If I were a player, manager, fan or owner of Arsenal or Manchester United I wouldn't want these worthless human beings associated with my team.

I would hate to be a woman living in Uganda. It seems as if women are property of men and can be used, abused and discarded at will. I'm not sure how wide spread these types of practices are in Uganda but I would hope that the country's leaders will clamp down on scumbags that try to sell trade and wager their wives. I would also hope they would take those so called community leaders and hang them from their coconuts. That way their coconuts wouldn't be of much use any more.

Article source: Extra Mustard.

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