Friday, November 29, 2013

Tomlin Should Be Fined and Suspended

MIKE TOMLIN SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 PHOTO PITTSBURGH STEELERS PSA/DNAMike Tomlin was on the field during a kickoff return by Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones in the third quarter. On the replay you could see Tomlin was not only on the white side line (not allowed by NFL rules) but his foot was on the field (also a violation).

Jones was running towards the end zone when he saw Tomlin on the field, so he attempted to avoid the coach, who at the last moment, moved off the field. The damage was done. Jones was tackled before he could make his final burst for a touchdown.

No penalty was called, which is ridiculous. The umpire who had a clear view of this infraction should be suspended. NFL rules allow the officials to award a touchdown on this type of play. I believe Tomlin should have been flagged for interference, ejected from the game and a TD should have been awarded to Jones.

Jones was OK about it after the game but his team won. If the Ravens had lost, Jones would have been irate and rightly so. Had Jones scored a TD on the play, Pittsburgh would have been unable to mount the comeback that they did.

Tomlin’s infraction might be common place in the NFL but if the league is serious about player safety, they will take action against Tomlin. It shouldn’t only be the players who are fined and suspended for unsafe plays.

Tomlin is a head coach and should lead by example. I believe he intentionally tried to interfere or alter Jones’s path to the end zone. It was a dirty play. It was the type of action that you would expect from a scumbag coach.

The league needs to suspend Tomlin for 4 games without pay plus a 250,000 fine. I believe that would send a message Tomlin and other coaches. I bet Tomlin the cheat would stay far away from the field of play if he was suspended and hit hard in his pocketbook. His absence would be a blow to his team.

This would send a message to other dirty cheating coaches who think that Tomlin’s actions are OK and part of the game.

The NFL is fining defensive players for marginal hits against a QB. They’re being fined tens of thousands of dollars.

Can you imagine if Jones had been injured on the play? A head coach should know better than to do that.
The fact that NFL rules prohibit a coach from even standing on the white sideline proves to me that at the very least Tomlin disregarded the rules. At the most (and what I believe) Tomlin tried to alter Jones’s path to the end zone. He forced Jones to avoid him and move away from the sideline. That slowed Jones down and allowed the defender to catch him.

Who the heck does Tomlin think he is? Does he feel that the rules don’t apply to him? I think the rules should apply to Tomlin. I think that the NFL needs to severely punish him. I think the NFL should go one step further and fine the team$ 500,000. How do you think the Rooney’s would feel about that?

I like the Rooney’s but they own the team, so they are responsible for what their personnel do on the field. A message needs to be sent to the Steelers. The message needs to be severe enough so that Tomlin and other coaches refrain from this practice again.

Even if Tomlin’s actions were innocent, he violated NFL rules and put a player’s safety in jeopardy. I don’t see the NFL giving defensive players a pass for violating rules, even if their violations weren’t intentional. Rules are Rules and in this case what Tomlin did was despicable.


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