Friday, November 8, 2013

The NFL Should Eliminate Thursday Night Games

Roger Goodell Autographed Photo - 8x10 COMMISSIONER RARE PSA DNAThe NFL should eliminate Thursday night games. Don’t get me wrong, I love the games and I can’t get enough of the NFL. With that said, I believe that Thursday games increase the possibility of players getting injured.

Instead of having 6 or 7 days rest (depending if teams play on Monday night), the players have to play games with only 4 days of rest. I believe that football players and their bodies need enough time to recover from the extremely physical nature of an NFL game.

What annoys me is that Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner and top dog) claims that player safety is his top concern. Roger Goodell has gone to great lengths to ban hits to the head of players. Suspensions and fines are the norm for hits to the head.

If Roger is really concerned about player safety he wouldn’t even have to think about Thursday games as an option. He would eliminate them immediately.

The insane thing is that Roger wants to add two more games to the NFL schedule. If you think that your favorite teams already suffer injuries during the season, adding two more games will make hospital emergency rooms even busier.

So why does Roger support Thursday night games? It’s simple. They are money makers. Having an extra game televised nationally every week is a revenue bonanza for the NFL, so much so that Roger wants to add more Thursday night games to the schedule.

I believe that the decisions that the NFL make have to with money and money alone. I believe the only reason that the NFL is taking action against head shots and wanting to eliminate concussions is due to liability. It’s been reported in the media that the NFL knew about the serious side effects of suffering concussions, yet they hid that from their players.

I think that’s disgusting and indefensible. I think that only goons, pigs and pieces of rubbish act in this manner.

Recently the NFL settled with former players in the amount of almost 800 million green backs. That’s not nearly enough for the serious consequences of head injuries being reported by some the NFL’s biggest former stars (Tony Dorsett and Terry Bradhshaw just to name a couple).

I believe that the reason that the NFL is taking a serious stand against hits to the head is to prevent liability that it may suffer in the future. Now they can say that they took action against those types of hits.

Until there is a rash of injuries where the NFL’s biggest stars are seriously injured or players sue the NFL for their injuries due to the excessive amount of games that they have to play or games that are played to close together, the NFL will not do the right thing. They will continue to put the players in harms way.

Since it’s about money and the NFL wants to cash in now without regard to player safety, I believe that the NFL will only change its ways when the threat of taking a hit to their pocketbook is evident. I believe that until that is the case the NFL will continue to place its players at risk.

Some players are walking away from the game in the prime of their careers. Is that what the NFL wants? Do they want players to continue to suffer injuries? Is that in the best interests of the game? I don’t think so.

A legitimate company/league would do everything they could to protect their employees. It’s time that the NFL stepped up to the plate and hit a home run by eliminating Thursday night games.

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