Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Minnesota Vikings Finally Win a Game on American Soil

Autographed Peterson Picture - 8x10It wasn't looking good going into halftime for the Minnesota Vikings against the Washington Football Team. Despite the Vikings offense playing well (yes even Christian Ponder played well), the Vikings defense was putrid in the first half. Washington never punted the ball in the first half and took a 24-14 lead into halftime.

Washington controlled the clock in the first half. Washington had the ball for 20:40, while the Vikings only had the ball for 9:20. It looked like it was going to be another embarrassment on the national stage. I was preparing for another disappointing article.

The second half was a different game. The Vikings defense played a great game in the second half. They stopped Washington who only managed 3 points in the second half. I believe the second half was the best half of football this season.

Kevin Williams was on fire tonight, registering 2.5 sacks and 7 tackles. RG3's biggest foe tonight was Williams. Let's hope that the Vikings defense can keep this up in week 11.

The Vikings sacked or pressured RG3 on almost every play in the second half. He wasn't able to run the ball down the team's throats or throw the ball to open receivers. The Vikings pass coverage was much better than it was in the first half or in any other half this season.

The game almost slipped away again on the Vikes on Washington's last drive of the game. They almost marched down the field for the game equalizer but the Vikings defense held strong. The Vikings almost gave the game away on that drive. Inexplicably in the last 45 seconds with time running out on Washington, Minnesota called two timeouts. I was thinking that I would be lambasting the coaching staff for those terrible calls.

It would have been disappointing, heartbreaking and ridiculous had the Vikings lost this game. I would be detailing every mistake but I don't have to. The Vikings won for the first time this season on American soil tonight. That is good enough for a 2-9 record. A win feels extremely good.

It's so nice to be able to go to bed tonight knowing that the Purple have won a game. It feels so good and it was on the national stage.

I have to give Christian Ponder some props. Despite an interception on his first drive, Christian dissected the Washington Football Team tonight. He made play after play and he threw for 2 TDs. Unfortunately Ponder was injured at the goal line while attempting to dive in for a TD.  Hopefully the injury isn't serious.

Matt Cassell came into the game in relief for Ponder and played well. I think he's a capable backup on this team (at least).

Tonight I'm going to refrain from being negative about Ponder, the defense and the coaching staff. We won the game. It was a great effort all the way around. It was nice to have both the offense and defense playing well.

This was our playoff and we won it. Yes we did. We won a football game. We won in America. Let's enjoy this Vikings fans. We don't know when we'll be able to celebrate a victory again. So take this in. Take it in. Enjoy it. Yell and scream! The Vikings won!

Adrian Peterson had a much better game than his 75 yard stat line would indicate. He got big first downs and two TDs. If I didn't know how many yards he had I would have thought that he ran the ball for 125 yards. He was that effective and he played a huge part in tonight's victory.

It doesn't get easier for the Purple next week. The Vikes are on the road and face the mighty Seattle Seahawks. Sorry my friends. I didn't mean to burst your bubble and I did say I wouldn't be negative.

It's time to be positive. Maybe this team could beat the Seahawks. Anything is possible.

We forgot what a victory felt like, didn't we? Well tonight we know how it feels. It feels awesome.

The Vikings won the game 34-27.

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Minnesota Vikings vs Washington Redskins

What best describes the Minnesota Vikings Thursday night victory?

Christian Ponder was impressive
Adrian Peterson had a great game
The Vikings defense was dominant in the second half
All sides of the ball played well
All of the above
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