Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Richie Hasn't Been Incognito as Far as His Alleged Racist Behavior is Concerned

Miami Dolphins Unsigned Mini HelmetRichie Incognito is in the news again. Now another allegation has surfaced that he racially harassed an employee of the Dolphins. This is a non-player employee. It is also alleged that one of his teammates joined him in tormenting the employee.

It is alleged that Richie Incognito made fun of the employee's culture and ethnic background as well as making crude comments regarding the employee's wife. Richie is alleged to have dressed up in the employee's ethnic clothing and then made fun of the employee.

This behavior is alleged to have been common knowledge and witnessed by others. If that's the case then all the team's management (including GM Jeff Ireland) and the team's head coach Joe Philbin (and any other coach who knew of this alleged behavior) should be fired.

If this new allegation is true, it means that Incognito's racist behavior has extended outside the locker room to an employee of the Dolphins. If this is true then Incognito should be banned by the NFL for life. Incognito has a checkered past and he shouldn't be given a free ride here.

Miami Dolphins players have come out in support of the alleged piece of garbage racist bully. They say that using words like the N word was part of the team's culture and that he meant no harm by it. They've said that they used the word and words like that as well.

It is becoming clear to me that there is a culture in the Dolphins locker room that is disgusting, crude, course and even racist. Maybe just maybe, Jonathan Martin had enough of this behavior that wasn't only directed at him but others in the organization.

Maybe Martin was disgusted inaction by the team’s leadership in regards to this alleged behavior. Good for Martin for shedding some light into this nonsense and disgusting behavior. Without Martin, this would have taken a long time to have surfaced or may never have surfaced at all. We should applaud Martin.

Miami Dolphins players should take note of what is happening and should come out and tell the truth about Incognito. Time is running for Dolphins players to man up, come clean and save their behinds.

Maybe Dolphins players came out in support of Incognito to try and hide what was happening. It's now time for these players to act like adults and tell the independent investigator (who is investigating allegations of bullying) everything they know. Every disgusting thing that Incognito and his teammates might have done will come to light.

I think that there is a terrible culture in the Miami Dolphins locker room. I think that Incognito is a piece of garbage. I think he's a terrible person. I believe he's a terrible mammal. I believe he's a terrible living being. I believe that he's a worthless sack of cow dung.

I believe that Incognito should never play in the NFL again. He's been a piece of horse manure with every team he's been with from college all the way to the pros and now the Dolphins. He's outlived his welcome with every NFL team he's been with and he's been voted dirtiest player in the NFL and second dirtiest player in the NFL in the past.

Incognito is a guy that I think is easy to hate. I think he's a disgusting person. I think he's void of any decency. I think he is a piece of garbage.

If the allegations of racism against the Miami Dolphins employee are true, we should all be outraged and disgusted. We should all demand that Incognito be suspended for life.

Article source: National Football Post.

Richie Incognito Alleged Racism

If the allegations against Incognito are true, should he be banned for life by the NFL?

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