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Ranking the NFL's Five Worst Quarterbacks Through Week #11

Eli Manning Signed Picture - Ny 16x20 Steiner Hologram & CertThere are some pretty bad QBs that dwell in the NFL's cellar of poor passers. It's been a while since I've ranked the five worst quarterbacks (QB) in the NFL, so I figured I would give it another shot at putting this list together.

A couple of the names on the list are familiar but we do have some new members of this exclusive club of misfits. I start by looking at the QB's pass completion percentage.

Generally, the guy's on the list have a QB percentage lower than 60% (although there are two QBs on the list that have a percentage above 60%) After that I look at passer rating and touchdown (TD) to interception (INT) ratio. Then there's an opinion based on how they've played.

Let's get started.

#5 Eli Manning
Eli and his Giants have played better since the first 6 games of the season. Eli's team is on a roll winning their past 4 games but most of those games have been against loser teams. Eli has a good chance of graduating out of this club if he continues to win games and if he plays well. His putrid stats didn't allow him to escape this list this time around.

In his past 4 games Eli has thrown 3 TDs and 2 INTs. He's been an average QB through the winning streak.

Eli Manning has completed 57.1 % of his passes, thrown 12 TDs, thrown 17 INTs and has a QB rating of 70.8.

#4 Chad Henne
Chad Henne is the QB of the worst team in the NFL. At 1-9, this has been a disastrous season for Chad. It's not only Chad's fault that the Jaguars are pathetic but he hasn't done anything to help the team's cause. He doesn't have the worst stats of the QBs on this list but they're terrible nonetheless.

Chad has completed 61.1% of his passes, thrown 4 TDs and thrown 9 interceptions. Henne has a passer rating of 72.2.

Note: Chad Henne has only played in 5 games this season.

#3 Brandon Weeden
The QB carousel in Cleveland hasn't been easy for Weeden. He's also been injury prone this season. The Browns need to find a franchise QB soon and I don't think its Weeden.

Brandon has a completed 52.8 % of his passes, has thrown 5 TDs and thrown 6 INTs. Weeden has a passer rating of 66.2.

Note: Brandon has played in 5 games this season.

#2 Christian Ponder
If there wasn't a QB named Geno Smith, Christian would be a lock for the worst QB in the NFL as far as I'm concerned. I've had the misfortune of watching this guy play this season. He's had a couple of decent games but he's been a complete an utter failure in most of them.

Even when things look they're going well for Ponder and he's having a good game, he will inexplicably tank and play horrible football. He will throw terrible passes that are intercepted (sometimes for a pick six).

The fact that the team's coaches believe he gives them the best chance of winning shows how pathetic the Vikings situation is.

Christian has completed 63.7% of his passes, thrown 6 TDs and 9 INTs. He has a passer rating of 74.9.

#1 Geno Smith
Sure his team is 5-5 but any QB with stats as bad as his doesn't deserve to be rated higher. Geno has had a couple of good games but one thing that has remained constant is that he's been a turnover machine. He has 20 through week #11, which is the most in the NFL.

Geno has completed 56.3% of his passes, thrown 8 TDs and 16 INTs. Smith has a 65.1 passer rating.

Geno is really trying to do his best Mark Sanchez impression. Jets fans can't catch a break with their QBs

Article source:
ESPN (passing statistics)
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