Monday, November 25, 2013

NFL Recap - Week #12 - 2013 Season

Tom Brady Yelling Celebration Vertical 16x20 Photo Unsigned (Signed by William Hauser)Thing in the NFL are starting to ramp up. Teams that are still in the hunt for a playoff spot can't afford to lose games. That includes the Detroit Lions who could have put some distance between them and their NFC opponents had they won at home on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It should be a really exciting 5 games to finish the season. Upsets will continue to play a role in the outcome of how the teams place. Let the upsets continue.

Last night in New England, Tom Brady showed me why he's the greatest QB of his generation and arguably in the history of the NFL.

Let's get to the recap.

New Orleans Saints 17 at Atlanta Falcons 14
New Orleans Saints - We can play defense as well. We're going to win the NFC.
Atlanta Falcons - We're going to get a good draft pick. Can you say QB?

Jacksonville Jaguars 13 at Houston Texans 6
Jacksonville - Two in a row baby. Two in a row. We're idiots. Every win takes us out of the draft pick sweepstakes. Who cares, we have Henne? Henne? Henne?
Houston - One step closer to drafting a QB. All we need to do is lose out.

New York Jets 3 at Baltimore Ravens 19
New York Jets - Who would have thought we could do worse than Mark Sanchez. Fire Rex. Fire Rex.
Baltimore Ravens - We're on our way to the playoffs. You better watch out.

Carolina Panthers 20 at Miami Dolphins 16
Carolina - 7 in a row. Cam's the man. Cam's the man!
Miami Dolphins - We need another scandal to get us going. Wait a minute that didn't help us.

Chicago Bears 21 at St. Louis Rams 42
Chicago - No worries. We play the Vikings next week. The Dome is our house.
St. Louis - We're going to play the role of spoiler.

San Diego Chargers 41 at Kansas City Chiefs 38
San Diego - Yes we can. Yes we can.
Kansas City Chiefs - Look what happens when we play a good QB.

Minnesota Vikings 26 at Green Bay Packers 26
Minnesota - We got the tie. It's a like a win for us. We didn't lose baby!
Green Bay Packers - We could have lost but we didn't. Thanks Vikings.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 at Detroit Lions 21
Tampa Bay - Glennon, Glennon, Glennon.
Detroit - Meow, meow, meow. The real Lions keep on finding a way to creep back into our locker room.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 at Cleveland Browns 11
Pittsburgh - Big Ben and his offense is coming after you.
Cleveland - We're not black and blue, we're brown and blue. We were beaten, pummeled and destroyed.

Indianapolis Colts 11 at Arizona Cardinals 40
Indianapolis - There's no more Luck these days.
Arizona - Palmer outplayed another QB. Yes he did!

Tennessee Titans 23 at Oakland Raiders 19
Tennessee - There's nothing like playing the Raiders to build a team's confidence.
Oakland Raiders - Just lose baby!

Dallas Cowboys 24 at New York Giants 21
Dallas - Who said Romo can't lead his team on a drive for the game winning score?
New York Giants - We told you we played 4 terrible teams during our win streak.

Denver Broncos 31 at New England Patriots 34
Denver - It's official. Peyton can't play in the cold. He was outplayed by a greater QB.
New England - Tom outplayed the perfect elements QB. What is the perfect elements QB? It's a QB that needs perfect weather to play well...AKA Peyton Manning.

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins
This game will be recapped after Monday Night Football.

That's a wrap of week #12. Things are heating up and I I'm looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

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