Monday, November 18, 2013

NFL Recap - Week #11 - 2013 Season

Autographed Ben Roethlisberger Photo - 16x20 JSAIt was another exciting week in the NFL in week 11. We had some upsets and some exciting finishes. My favorite finish was the OT thriller in Chicago. Chicago kicked a field goal in OT to defeat the Baltimore Ravens.

There was another thrilling finish in New Orleans where the Saints came from behind to defeat the 49ers. It's almost impossible to win in New Orleans. The 49ers came close but fell just a little short of the upset.

So here we go....

Indianapolis Colts 30 at Tennessee Titans 27
Indianapolis - Another comeback by our man Luck. Oh yeah!
Tennessee - We had this one but let it slip away.

Oakland Raiders 28 at Houston Texans 23
Oakland - It's nice to play a team worse than us.
Houston - Let it out Andre. Let it out!

Arizona Cardinals 27 at Jacksonville Jaguars 14
Arizona - Palmer actually had a good day. He was on fire. He lit it up. Who did he light up? Jacksonville.
Jacksonville - We're on our way to getting the #1 draft pick in 2014. Can you say quarterback?

Atlanta Falcons 28 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41
Atlanta - Are you kidding me? We are terrible!
Tampa Bay - Dang. With every win, we're moving one step further from the #1 pick in 2014.

Detroit Lions 27 at Pittsburgh Steelers 37
Detroit - We're pretenders. Don't count on us winning the NFC North.
Pittsburgh - Big Ben. Big Win.

Cleveland Browns 21 at Cincinnati Bengals 41
Cleveland - Mistake after mistake after mistake.
Cincinnati - Who needs a good QB when you play the Browns?

Washington Redskins 16 at Philadelphia Eagles 24
Washington - Where's RG4?
Philadelphia - That's the end of the Vick era in Philly.

Baltimore Ravens 20 at Chicago Bears 23
Baltimore - Can we get some of the money back that we've paid Flacco?
Chicago - Bye Bye Cutler.

New York Jets 14 at Buffalo Bills 37
New York - Geno Smith is the Jets version of Christian Ponder.
Buffalo - You see what we can do with EJ? Yes we can!

San Diego Chargers 16 at Miami Dolphins 20
San Diego - Let me get this straight. Tampa Bay beat the Dolphins and we....stunk up the field.
Miami - The so called controversy didn't have an effect on us.

Minnesota Vikings 20 at Seattle Seahawks 41
Minnesota - Ponder sucks. The offense sucks. The defense is the worst in the history of the NFL. Leslie Frazier and his band of incompetent coaches suck.
Seattle - Percy, Percy, Percy and another dose of Percy.

Green Bay Packers 13 at New York Giants 27
Green Bay - Thankfully we play in the NFC North where a couple of losses isn't that big a deal.
New York - Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs!!!!!

San Francisco 49ers 20 at New Orleans Saints 23
San Francisco - So the Saints had the officials in their back pockets again.
New Orleans - You can't beat us in our building.

Kansas City Chiefs 17 at Denver Broncos 27
Kansas City - This is what happens when you play a great QB.
Denver - We have a clinician and his name is Peyton.

New England Patriots 20 at Carolina 24
New England - The officials suck. Was this game played in New Orleans?
Carolina. Thank you. Thank you to the officials.

We'll see you next week for another recap. It should be another exciting week.


Which team will win the NFC?

Seattle Seahawks
New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers
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