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It's a Good Thing For GM Jerry Jones That He's Also The Owner Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones Autographed Dallas Cowboys 8x10 Photo with Super Bowl TrophyIt's a good thing for the GM Jerry Jones that he's also the owner Jerry Jones. In most other NFL teams the GM Jerry Jones would have been fired years ago. The sad thing for Dallas Cowboys fans is that Jerry Jones believes he's doing some his best work in his career.

The facts tell a different story. Since 2000 the Cowboys have made the NFL playoffs only 4 times and haven't made it to an NFC championship. For America's team that is terrible. Jones has been the GM (officially) since the mid 1990's. In his first 5 years as GM, the Cowboys went to the playoffs 4 times and won a Super Bowl.

GM Jerry has been terrible in the latter part of his GM career. I've said it before and I will say it now, Jerry needs to stick to being an owner and let someone who is capable and competent of being a GM to take over that role.

How can he think that the past 5 years have been good? His team has made the playoffs only once in the past five years. It's time for Jerry to take a reality pill because he's losing his grip on reality.

Jerry seems to be in over his head as a GM. His performance is putrid. Let's put things in perspective. Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in February of 1989 and during his ownership the team has made it to the playoffs 12 out of 24 years. The Dallas has won 3 Super Bowls during his reign as owner. Those 3 Super Bowls were won in his first 5 years as owner and prior to him being the team’s GM.

He hasn't won a Super Bowl as GM. It's clear to me that he's done a pathetic job surveying and signing great players or even good ones. His teams have been perennial losers as of late. I would give him a big fat F as a GM.

In the 23 Super Bowl Era years prior to Jerry's purchase of America's team the Cowboys made it to the playoffs 18 times. They won two Super Bowls, lost two Super Bowls and lost 7 conference championship games during that time.

It's clear to me that the Cowboys have been a failure under GM Jones. The stats don't lie do they? I'm not a Cowboys fan. I grew up hating the team but they were once a proud and great franchise. I don't think they have a bright future. Jones seems to think Tony Romo is a winner? That's a joke.

I really don't think that Jerry is a good evaluator of NFL talent. I think that he's a power hungry guy who can't see that he's allowing his team to be an NFL laughing stock. He's suffocating his team. Jerry is the NFL's version of a tragic hero. OK, that isn't fair comparison.

If Jerry were to take a step back, be the owner and allow someone else to take over as GM, I think he would see results. His Dallas Cowboys might even be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. That will not happen as long as he's the GM of the team and allowed to be the evaluator of the team's talent.

Will Jerry ever smarten up and see the truth? I don't think there's any chance of that. Like most egomaniacs he's delusional and believes he’s great. The fact that Jerry thinks he's done some of his best work lately, shows me that he's delusional and living in a fantasy land.

C'Mon owner Jerry! Fire your GM. Your GM sucks and isn't doing a good job. Be a good owner and fire the loser GM. Fire the incompetent and delusional GM. Owner Jerry, can't you see the truth? Just admit you made the wrong decision by hiring GM Jerry. Show GM Jerry to the door.

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