Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In a Word - Turkey Day Special

I haven't written an In a Word column in a while but when I have, it's been a weekly sports recap type report. Today's column is a Turkey Day special article. That means the stories I'm recapping are really current.

In case your forgot what in a word is or if this is your first time reading this column, we recap sports stories, teams and athletes (who've recently made the news) and the recap is one word only.

A couple of our listings have Thanksgiving relevance. The Team and player will play on Thursday

Here we go.

Jameis Winston - Trouble.

Green Bay Packers - Rodgersless.

Minnesota Twins - Spendy.

Erin Henderson - Drunk.

Ryan Braun - Cheater.

Robert Kraft - Windy.

Joe Flacco - Whiner.

Kobe Bryant - Selfish.

Los Angeles Lakers - Idiots.

Florida Gators - Bonk!

OJ Simpson - Denied.

Peyton Manning - Freezing!

There you have it. Next time we will be recapping a full week of stories and once again it will be in a word.

I should have a lot to talk about next week after a few Thursday games have been played and the full slate of weekend games are complete.

Some questions that I have going into tomorrow's Packers/Lions battle in Detroit:
Will NDamukong Suh stomp on a Green Bay player again?
Will NDamukong act like a thug again.
Will Ndamukong get ejected for dirty play?

We're trying something new with our poll (below). We provided you with two responses but you can write in your own answer by selecting the "other option".

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving.

How would you describe the Lakers extending Kobe's contract (in a word)?
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