Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christian Ponder Had a Couple of Good Throws and a Lot of Terrible Ones Against the Seattle Seahawks

Signed Christian Ponder Photograph - 8x10Christian Ponder had a good half and the Vikings were only 11 points down to the best team in the NFC but the second half was typical Christian Ponder. He stunk up the field again on Sunday. I don't understand why it isn't painfully clear to Leslie Frazier that Christian Ponder shouldn't get another start for the Minnesota Vikings.

Christian threw two terrible interceptions in the second half. One was a pick six and the other was deep in Vikings territory and led to a Seattle touchdown. Ponder threw away the game. I blame Leslie Frazier. The guy obviously hasn't seen what Vikings fans have seen this season. Ponder is a terrible QB. He is awful. He is atrocious and he doesn't belong on an NFL field. I'm not even sure if Ponder should be a backup in this league.

Hopefully there is one positive that comes out of this game and that's that the Vikings need to pick up a QB in the 2014 NFL draft. The team must cut their losses and release Ponder at the end of the season. I think that Leslie Frazier and his band of idiot coaches should follow that inept QB out the door. Leslie Frazier is a useless head coach. He's a pathetic head coach who supports a pathetic QB.

It's unfortunate that Vikings fans have to watch a clueless coach and inept players taking the field week after week. This is one of the worst Vikings team in the history of the organization. Leslie Frazier will have been the coach of a team that was tied for the worst Vikings team in their history (2011) and could equal that mark this season or even break that putrid record.

There is a lot of blame to go around this week. The defense couldn't make a stop today. They were awful. They were awful. They were awful and I don't care if they were trying. I know that's what Leslie the clown will say. He will say that the guys "played hard...and practiced hard". OK Leslie. That really shows on the field doesn't it?

I can't stand listening to Frazier's sound bites any more. He is a joke. He is a clown. He is a complete and utter joke. The guy is an awful head coach. He's terrible. He is atrocious.

I think you know how I feel. I can't take seeing this garbage every week. I can't stand listening to Frazier's comments every week. I can't stand listening to Frazier talk about how well Ponder played. The guy needs to man up, grow some coconuts and admit that Ponder is a joke. He needs to admit that Ponder is terrible. He needs to admit that Ponder is a liability to the team.

Matt Cassell or Josh Freeman should get the start next week. If we base it on performance it should be Matt Cassell. Josh Freeman should be considered as well. We should see if there's any potential that he can lead this club. I think we'll find out that the answer is a big fat no but we won't know until we give him another shot.

Leslie should be given an ultimatum to start Freeman and bench Ponder or be fired. It's time for Vikings management and ownership to demand accountability and demand it now.

Seattle Seahwaks won 41-20.

Christian Ponder at Seattle

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