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Alex Rodriguez is Major League Baseball’s Villain

Alex Rodriguez Autographed Photograph - 16x20 Mounted MemoriesI believe that Alex Rodriguez is baseball's villain. I believe he is void of character. I believe he is a guy that is disrespectful to the game of baseball and disrespectful to the sport's fans. I believe Alex Rodriguez has cheated baseball fans. I believe that he’s cheated people who've spent lots of money to watch this phony guy play!

Alex Rodriguez is a member of the New York Yankees and is alleged to have taken performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) He has admitted to PED use but his admission represents a time when Major League Baseball looked the other way in regards to steroid and PED use. Alex didn’t face a suspension or loss of pay due to his admission. So it was easy for Alex to admit to the past use.

Alex Rodriguez was suspended in August for using PEDs. Major League Baseball has reams of evidence linking Alex Rodriguez to Tony Bosch and to drug use. Bosch was owner of Biogenesis, the company alleged to have supplied Afraud with PEDs. He is also ia witness for MLB in Alex Rodriguez’s appeal hearing.

Bosch has admitted to supplying Alex Rodriguez and other MLB players with PEDs. The other players that were linked to Bosch have admitted to their drug use and were suspended. One of those punks is Ryan Braun who had previously won an appeal for a previous positive drug test.

On Wednesday Alex denied using Biogenesis supplied drugs and said that Bud Selig hates him. Bud might hate Alex. Most people do. The guy is easy to hate. MLB has a mountain of evidence. Bud Selig had every right to suspend Rodriguez. Rodriguez is even alleged to have tried to buy and destroy evidence that showed that he was a client Biogeneis and user of Biogensis supplied drugs.

What makes Alex particularly void of character is that he is fighting his suspension and even suing MLB and its commissioner Bud Selig. The guy refuses to take responsibility for his actions and continues to verbally abuse those who are trying to suspend him for his alleged drug use.

Until today, Alex didn’t say if he was guilty of innocent of PED use. If it was me and I was innocent I would have said I didn’t take any PEDS, right from the beginning. I don’t believe Alex Rodriguez. I think he took PEDS. I think this guy is guilty as sin.

Alex lawyered up and in my opinion is fighting the process not the allegations.

He is also wagering a war against MLB and is threatening to expose them in other areas unrelated to PED use. The guy is scum of the earth and hopefully his suspension will be upheld.

On Wednesday Alex Rodriguez walked out on his grievance hearing and called it “ridiculous”. This was after arbitrator Fredric Horrowitz ruled that commissioner Bud Selig didn’t have to testify in the hearing.

Alex Rodriguez cursed and acted like a baby. I believe his actions are that of a guilty man who is trying to disrupt a process intended to find the facts and truth of the case. I believe Alex is trying to do everything he can to make this case about everything other than the facts.

Alex Rodriguez is easy to hate. He’s like other villains who make you want to hurl every time you hear their name or see their face.

There is always a slight chance that Alex didn’t take PEDs. It’s about the same chance of me winning the jackpot, finding gold and growing wings, all on the same day. I guess anything is possible but the chances of that happening are slim to none and we know who just left the room. Yes, that leaves none.

What makes me angry in the Rodriguez case is that Alex has provided no evidence to the public of his innocence but he has said plenty of things and many of them have been disrespectful.

I believe that Alex Rodriguez is upset that there is so much evidence against him. I believe that he is trying to salvage his career by earning what’s left on his contract and trying to protect his reputation so he can be voted into the Hall of Fame someday.

Note to Afraud: The chances of you being elected to the Hall are very remote. The chances of you being able to protect your reputation are slim. Most people believe who you are and that’s a scumbag piece of garbage. The more you fight the alleged evidence and the more you disrupt your own hearing, the more fans will despise you and hate you. Article source:

Alex Rodriguez Grievance Hearing

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