Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Better Effort But The Same Result For the Minnesota Vikings

Autographed Peterson Picture - 8x10The Minnesota Vikings played a much better game this week and actually had the lead with a couple of minutes left in the game. After the Vikings Blair Walsh missed an extra point, it opened the door for the Dallas Cowboys to at least try and tie the game with a field goal. The Cowboys fared much better by scoring a TD with 35 seconds left in the game.

The defense was much better. They pressured, sacked and even intercepted Tony Romo. They kept the team in the game. In the end the same old defense came to play by allowing a game winning touchdown drive by Romo and company.

Even Christian Ponder had a better game. I know that Leslie Frazier will be ecstatic with Ponder's playing. He will think he has his QB of the future but Ponder did throw an interception and was stripped in the end zone that led to a Dallas Cowboy's TD. On that play, Ponder had pressure and should have known that they were conning after him but held on to the ball and dropped his arm allowing the ball to be stripped.

Ponder is not a good quarterback. He makes mistakes that a veteran shouldn't make and I do believe that the Dallas Cowboys defense made him look better than he actually is. We'll see how the Vikings fare against RG3 and his Washington Football Team.

The good news today is that the Vikings are another loss closer to a good draft pick. Call me any name you want but at this point there's no reason o hope for the Vikings to win games. Every game that they win will move the Vikings out of a good draft pick and a franchise QB.

I don't want to sound like I don't like Ponder as a QB but I don't. He shouldn't be starting games. He makes enough mistakes to shoot this team in the foot, even when he has a half decent game. He still holds on to the ball for too long, throws interceptions and fumbles the ball. The guy is a walking, talking and throwing disaster on the football field and unlike the moronic Leslie Frazier I will not notice that Ponder made a few good plays in a game.

I do notice that he's been a disaster all year long and has made too many mistakes to be taking the field on Sunday. He is not a good QB. He's terrible. The quicker that Frazier realizes that, the better the team will be.

Adrian Peterson had a good game. He had had 140 yards rushing and a TD. It was nice to finally see AP run the ball the way we are used to. He still looks to be bothered by his hamstring injury but at least he had a good game today.

I'm happy that the Purple didn't embarrass themselves today and that they played a decent game. They still have a long way to go and they do need a good quarterback under center.

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