Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 NFL Picks - Week #12

Autographed Drew Brees Photograph - 16x20 PSA DNA #T32755Last week was a good week for this prognosticator and one outcome has become a consistent one and that's that Sportmentary keeps on getting the upset special correct. Week 11's upset in the making pick was Pittsburgh and they came through for me.

On paper this is a tougher week but I will do my best to navigate through the quagmire that is NFL picking.

Last week I was 5-1 in my picking bringing my year to date total to 27 Correct and 19 Incorrect.

Here are the picks.

Thursday Night Special & Lock of the Week- New Orleans Saints (8-2 at Atlanta Falcons (2-8)
This game pairs up with my lock of the week.
Atlanta has done nothing and has been clobbered by terrible teams. They haven't been in a game for weeks.

As far as New Orleans is concerned this road game is an easy one. The team they are playing is pure garbage and they're playing in a dome, the kind of stadium where Drew Brees can light it up in.

New Orleans wins 56-6.

Snoozer of the Week - Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) at Houston Texans (2-8)
This is a game that features two of the worst teams in the NFL. Fortunately for the Texans they are facing the worst team in the NFL. I think even Matt will be able to win this one.

Houston wins 13-9.

Upset in the Making of the Week  - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) at Detroit Lions (6-4)
On paper this looks like a slaughter at the hands of the Detroit Lions and that may well be the case The Bucs are coming off two big wins and even though those wins were against teams with a combined record of 7-13 the Bucs are in believe mode.

Maybe that's all the Bucs need. Maybe having unsubstantiated confidence can will them to victory.

I think I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that there's no way that Detroit can be upset two weeks in a row by the dregs of the NFL. C'Mon guys. It's the Kitties we're talking about here!

If Tampa Bay wins, the fans will be irate. You can hear it now: Meow Meow Meow Meow!

Tampa Bay wins 27-28.

Wild Card of the Week - Dallas Cowboys (5-5) at New York Giants (4-6)
Let's be honest. The teams that the Giants have played in the past 4 games have been less than average. That includes the Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers.

Eli will revert to his terrible playing and Tony Romo will light up the house. I think that this is a game where the Cowboys look like champions. It will be the great game that will lull their fans into a sense of belief. Sure it's a false sense of belief but for one game it will be a euphoric feeling for Cowboys fans.

Dallas wins 20-17.

Monday Night Football - San Francisco 49ers (6-4) at Washington Football Team (3-7)
The 49ers are ticked off and feel robbed by the officials. They will be out to punish the Washington Football Team. RG3 will be running around like a chicken without its head.

San Francisco wins this game easily by a score of 38-21.

There are my picks. With each week I've become bolder with my lock of the week. This week's lock of the week pick might be my boldest one yet.

Have a great week 12 and good luck to your team.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

Who will win the game between the Cowboys and Giants?

Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
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