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2013 NFL Picks - Week #11

Autographed Luck Photo - 11x14 Psa dna #t18628Week 10 was another tough week as far as picking goes. Upsets have been the norm the past two weeks in the NFL. I think things will return to normal in week 11. The one pick that has held steady for me is the upset in the making. I got it right again and this time it was my Carolina pick that won the day.

This week I was 2-4 in my picking bringing my year to date total to 22 Correct and 18 Incorrect. 

Here are week 11's picks.

Thursday Night Special - Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at Tennessee (4-5)
This is a must win for Tennessee but the loss of Jake locker will doom them the rest of the way forward. If the Titans thought that they hit rock bottom by losing to the Jaguars they have another thing coming and it Andrew Luck who will come after the Titans.

Luck rebounds from a terrible game in week 10 by winning this one easily.

Indianapolis wins 35-6.

Snoozer of the Week - Atlanta Falcons (2-7) at Tampa Bay (1-8)
This battle of the two worst teams in the NFC should be a yawner. This will be a game where you can take a nap through 60 minutes and have missed just about nothing.

While Monday's victory was against a Dolphins team is disarray, the Bucs face an even more pathetic team in the Falcons. Look for the Bucs to have one more decent week before tanking it.

Tampa Bay wins 17-6.

Upset in the Making of the Week - Detroit Lions (6-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6)
So you thought I couldn't get any bolder with my upset pick, did you? Well let's give this a try.

On paper this is a mismatch and the Lions should be overwhelming favorites but this game will not be played on paper. It will be played in Pittsburgh where Big Ben Rothlisberger will razzle and dazzle the crowd.

Pittsburgh wins 24-13.

Wild Card of the Week - Kansas City (9-0) at Denver (8-1)
This week features one of the league's premier defenses in Kansas City against the hottest offense in the Broncos.

Kansas City hasn't faced an offense and quarterback like they will face in week 11. If the Broncos Offensive line can protect Peyton Manning it will spell trouble for the Chiefs.

If the Chiefs get to Peyton and hammer him, it might spell the end of the game if not the season for the injured Manning.

Those are the wild cards. Will it be Manning torching the Chiefs defense or will it be the Chiefs defense feasting on Manning and the Broncos offensive line?

I think Peyton's hot hand will rule the day. Denver wins 35-13.

Lock of the Week - San Francisco 49ers (6-3) at New Orleans (7-2)
This is a tough week to pick the lock. While I doubt that the Jaguars will have the week they had in week 10, they are facing the Cardinals. It's hardly a lock for the Cardinals to win this one. 

So I had to continue my search for a lock of the week. I'm going outside the box for this one. You might be thinking that I'm crazy picking New Orleans as my lock of the week but have you seen Drew Brees play in the Mercedes Superdome?

He's unbeatable. I'll say it again. Drew Brees is unbeatable in the friendly confines of his home office. Drew will light it up and demolish the 49ers.

Drew Brees 42, San Francisco 17.
New Orleans 48, San Francisco 17.

Monday Night Football - New England Patriots (7-2) at Carolina Panthers (6-3)
The Panthers have a good defense and Cam Newton has played well in the past 5 games but they are facing an elite QB.

I think that the Patriots will win this game and it won't be close. The Patriots are the better team.

New England wins 28-14.

I've made some bold picks this week. I need to turn my poor picking of the past two weeks around and there's no better way of doing that than thinking outside the box.

So good luck to me and good luck to your favorite team.

The NFL picks segment is written by Sportmentary (Anthony Bloch) who is Editor in Chief of Sportmentary.com.

Monday Night Football - New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers

Who will win Monday Night Football's matchup in week 11

New England Patriots
Carolina Panthers
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