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2013 NFL Picks - Week #10

Signed Cam Newton Photograph - 16x20 TriStar 7181902It was one of those weird and quirky weeks that happens a couple of times every season in the NFL. Week 9 was full of surprises but the most surprising of all was the Saints being brought back to earth by the New York Jets. Did the Saints think they could cruise through this game or is there a bigger problem in Saints land?

I'm not sure but the Saints should have never lost this game.

I had a tough week and I went 2-4. That's the worst week I've had this year. I hope to do better in week 10. So here we go.

Thursday Night Special - The Washington Football Team (3-5) at Minnesota Vikings (1-7)
Washington is in a battle for first place in the terrible NFC East. With a win and loss by Dallas, Washington will draw one step closer to taking the top spot in the division.

The Vikings just want to win a game but I think many of their fans are hoping that they lose out so they can get a good draft pick. Ponder will get the stat again which probably means that he will stink up the field.

Washington wins 35-17.

Snoozer of the Week - Oakland (3-5) at New York Giants (2-6)
Both teams suck and that's being polite. I doubt the Raiders will give up 7 TDs to Eli Manning but they are on the road and the chances of them winning are not good at all.

I do believe we can count on this game being boring and I pity any fan that has to sit through this game.

New York wins 17-6.

Upset in the Making of the Week - Carolina Panthers (5-3) at San Francisco 49ers (6-2)
This is one pick that I've done well picking all year. Even my Cleveland pick was right last week. That pick was only one of two picks that I got right.

Carolina has been red hot in the past few weeks. Cam Newton seems to be a rising star and a win against a good team like the 49ers will give Newton and the Panthers instant credibility.

Carolina wins 28-21.

Wild Card of the Week - Detroit (5-3) at Chicago Bears (5-3)
I know that the Lions have at some good games and their last their last game against the Dallas Cowboys in thrilling fashion. They beat the same defense that struggled against one of the worst offenses in the league (Minnesota Vikings). So we can’t put much stock in that, can we?

Chicago might get Jay Cutler back on Wednesday but even if they don't they are in good hands with Josh McCown. I know Bears fans want Cutler to return ASAP but I've never been a fan of the guy. He's hot and cold and when he's cold it's a disaster.

This game is hard to call. It will be a fight to the finish but this time it will be the Bears that will pull out the thrilling victory.

Chicago wins 24-21.

Lock of the Week - Jacksonville (0-8) at Tennessee Titans (4-4)
I know that a 4-4 team shouldn't be the lock of the week but when their opponent is the Jacksonville Jaguars it's hard to see them lose. This game won't be close.

Tennessee wins 28-3.

Monday Night Football - Miami (4-4) at Tampa Bay (0-8)
This Florida duel won't be much of a contest, even with the scandal that has hit South Beach in the past week. The Buccaneers are a terrible team with a terrible coach.

Even as the scandal was in its infancy last Thursday, the Dolphins beat the Bengals in OT. Look for the Dolphins to use the scandal to their advantage and play like "us against the world).

Miami wins 28-14.

There they are. The picks have been posted and I will wait and see how they pan out. I can't do worse than last week, can I.

Good luck to your team this week.

Season Picks Score: 20 Correct and 14 Incorrect.

Monday Night Football - Miami at Tampa Bay

Which team will win Monday Night Football in week 10?

Tampa Bay
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