Sunday, November 17, 2013

10.1 For Geno Smith - QB Rating That Is?

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Geno registered a whopping 10.1 on Sunday afternoon in Buffalo. Yes, Geno registered a passer rating of 10.1 through three quarters of play against the Buffalo Bills before being benched. Geno Smith was a turnover machine again on Sunday. He had 3 INTs (a pick six) and a fumble. That's pathetic.

So what made up the Geno's dismal rating? He passed for only 103 yards and completed only 8 of 23 passes. Just when you think that New York Jets fans have forgotten Mark Sanchez, a performance like this from Geno Smith might have many Jets fans wishing it was Sanchez who had taken the field today. That might be a stretch.

From this NFL fan’s perspective and one that dislikes Rex Ryan and the New York Jets it was wonderful to see that Geno Smith was a turnover king today and cost his team the victory in an important AFC East match-up. Geno has been a turnover king all season long but in many games he's thrown enough TDs and passed for enough yards to win 5 games.

Smith has had some good games for a rookie this season but he's also laid too many eggs. He's only a rookie, so he has some time to grow but the turnovers concern me. Well concern is the wrong word. I'm actually overjoyed but I am doubtful that Geno Smith will materialize into the franchise QB that Rex Ryan and company believe he will.

Geno turns over the ball too many times for me to have confidence that he will finally be the QB of the future that the New York Jets desperately need. In this league a QB has to be consistent and can't turn over the ball too often. Geno has not been consistent and has turned over the ball too many times. That's why I believe that Geno will turn into another Mark Sanchez.

It has to be extremely difficult for Jets fans. Just when they think their beloved team takes a step forward it takes two steps backwards. I'm hoping it becomes three steps backwards next week.

With a victory on Monday by the New England Patriots, the Jets will fall three games out of first place in the AFC East. They would then be playing for a Wild Card playoff spot. If Miami beats San Diego this afternoon the Jets would be tied for that Wild Card spot with the Dolphins.

A win today would have gone a long way in paving a path to the payoffs for the Jets. Instead they will now be in a battle for a playoff spot. With inconsistent quarterback play by Geno Smith, there is a lot of doubt if the Jets are a playoff caliber team. I sure hope not!
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