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Which Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Would I Start On Sunday Night?

Autographed Leslie Frazier Photo - 8x10 Jsa Hologram Minnesota Vikings CoachYesterday it looked like Josh Freeman would get the start on Sunday night for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers. At least that's what Head Coach Leslie Frazier led us to believe. On Wednesday Leslie Frazier made it sound like Christian Ponder will get the start against the Packers. Christian Ponder? Are you kidding me?

Frazier says that Freeman suffered a concussion on Monday. Here we go again. It seems like another mystery injury has crept up on the Vikings just in time for Frazier to save face and backtrack from a terrible decision. Unfortunately he's backtracking from one terrible decision and falling right into another horrible one.

The quarterback mess of the Vikings is not only embarrassing it's pathetic. It's hard to know who's really calling the shots. Is it Rick Spielman, Leslie Frazier or a combination of both? I don't care anymore. I just want these guys and all the Vikings coaches to get fired as soon as possible. These people are incompetent and shouldn't be running an NFL team.

Let's go back a few weeks. It was the Cleveland game where the Vikings embarrassed themselves with a loss to the Cleveland Browns. Christian Ponder had another atrocious game and Vikings fans were calling for a QB change.

While Leslie Frazier publicly said that Ponder was still the guy, Ponder apparently got hurt in the Browns game and suffered a rib injury. By week's end as the Vikings prepared for the Steelers in London, Frazier claimed that Ponder's rib injury was so bad that if Ponder played in the London game, the rib could pierce his heart.

Most Vikings fans thought that was bogus and just a way for Frazier to start backup Matt Cassell. Cassell played well in London, leading the Vikings to their first victory of the season. The Vikings fan base was energized, thinking that they were finally rid of Ponder.

During the bye week that followed London, Frazier wouldn't publicly commit to Cassell. He said if Ponder was healthy he would start. Most fans knew that Ponder's life threatening injury wouldn't be healed, even if we hadn't heard anything so absurd before.

By week's end Frazier let us know that Ponder's rib injury was still serious enough for him to sit out the game against the Caroline Panthers. Cassell started that game and was terrible.

During this time Josh Freeman was unceremoniously dumped by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Vikings jumped at the chance of signing the joke of a quarterback. I wasn't happy or impressed with the signing. While Feeman sat out of the Carolina game, Leslie Frazier started Freeman this past Monday Night against the hapless New York Giants.

As predicted by most people, Freeman was terrible. He was rushed into the game having only learned a small amount of the playbook. Frazier should have waited another week while Freeman learned the offense.

The Vikings embarrassed themselves on Monday night in front of a national audience while the Monday Night Football crew ripped the team. Now feeling the heat by the team’s fans, national and local media, Frazier backtracked this week and seemingly has decided to start the pathetic Christian Ponder.

So who would I start on Sunday night (assuming Freeman is healthy)? It's a tough call. The Vikings have one of the worst Quarterback corps in the NFL. I'll eliminate one guy right off the bat. Freeman would get another week to learn the playbook or learn how to throw a football accurately. After Monday night's debacle there's no way I would start Freeman.

That leaves Ponder and Cassell. Ponder has stunk all year, last year and almost every game he's played in the NFL. Cassell had one good game and one bad one. His winning percentage is better than Ponders as is his stats.

I would cut my losses with Ponder. He should never start for the Vikings again. If it was me I would start Matt Cassell, just for one game, so the Vikings would have a chance to win the only game of the season that really matters. After that I would start the worst QB possible so that the Vikings could get a good draft pick.

It would be fun to watch the battle between Ponder and Freeman to see who would stink up the field the most.

This is a worthless season for Vikings fans and the team's leadership won't even give us fans one wish and one thing to cheer for and that's a Matt Cassell start against the Packers. Cassell gives the Vikings the best chance of winning the game but the team's brain trust (now that's an oxymoron) isn't smart enough to realize that.

All we wish for is a chance to beat the Packers, however slim that might be. It's sad that the paying customer is taken for granted. It's sad that the paying customer has to pay a king's ransom to see the garbage that this team puts on the field. It's sad that the paying customer doesn't even get one wish granted. This really sucks fort he paying customer.

Frazier is not fit to coach this club. His band of clown coaches isn’t either. They should be dumped and take Spielman with them.

Vikings Quarterbacks

Who should get the start for the Vikings over the Packers?

Christian Ponder
Matt Cassell
Josh Freeman
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  1. At least I evened the voting for Ponder in the poll. 1 to 1 now.

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