Thursday, October 24, 2013

There's Actually a Team Dumber than the Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre Autographed Photo - 16x20 Mounted MemoriesYou must have read the title to this article and said to yourself that the guy who wrote this article is out of his mind. I'm not out of my mind and in reality it's almost impossible for another NFL team to be as stupid as the people who run the Vikings.

With that said who is the team I'm making reference to and why do I think they're dumb. That team would be the St. Louis Rams and they are dumb because they reached out to Grandpa Brett Favre. The Rams actually wanted this guy to start for the injured Sam Bradford.

They can't be serious can they? Yes they are. They are so desperate to fill the void of losing Sam Bradford that they reached out to a guy who hasn't played since 2010. In his last season with the Minnesota Vikings, Favre looked like an old man. He was hobbling all over the field. He was immobile and it was obvious that he should retire.

The guy is now 3 years older and a ripe 44 years old. The Rams thought that a guy who is 3 years removed from taking his last snap and is 3 years older is a great replacement for Bradford? That's nonsense and it shows what a pathetic organization the Rams are.1

It puts a smile on my face to see that there is another incompetent organization that is almost as inept as the Vikings. I said almost. It's almost impossible for another NFL team to match the incompetency and amateurism of the Vikings but the Rams did their best to try and match the Vikings ineptitude.

Brett Favre turned the Rams down and made it clear that he has no desire to return to football. Why would Favre want to take a beating and make a fool of himself? He wouldn't, especially with a team that has no chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Maybe if the Rams had a great chance of making the Super Bowl he would have made a different decision. Nah, I don't think so. Favre is enjoying his retirement, as he should be.

Now the Rams have to turn to another QB. Hey Rams, want to trade Bradford for Josh Freeman? It's a great trade. You should give it some consideration. Josh can make your team a winner. He's great. Didn't you see his Vikings debut on Monday Night Football. Wasn't he awesome?

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