Monday, October 21, 2013

There is Nothing Positive To Say About the Minnesota Vikings

Signed Leslie Frazier Photo - 8x10 Jsa Hologram Minnesota Vikings Coach Ph2The Minnesota Vikings sleep walked their way into Met Life Stadium to play a game against the worthless New York Giants. In typical fashion, the Vikings did what no other team did this year; they lost to the Giants. The Giants are garbage but they proved one thing on Monday Night and that is that the Vikings are an amateur outfit that includes terrible players and coaches.

There is absolutely nothing good to say about the Vikings. Well maybe there was one good thing. The Vikings defense played a decent game. Then again the defense could have had a couple of interceptions (one for a pick six) but it would take a talented player to make those interceptions.

Had the defense made those interceptions, the Vikings might have been able to pull out a victory.

The offense was a joke. It pains me to even talk about them. Adrian Peterson was a joke tonight. Yes, AP was atrocious and we shouldn't sugar coat that. With AP not producing, it exposed one of the worst QBs in the game. I didn't like the signing of Josh Freeman and he proved why tonight. He is a terrible QB.

Sure it was unfair for the Vikings amateur coaching staff to put the guy on the field after being on the team for such a short period time but he made a couple of key mistakes that a veteran QB shouldn't make. His mistakes cost the team points.

On one occasion Freeman threw an interception. The Vikings were in field goal range. It was a mistake made only by rookies and Christian Ponder.

Then he took a sack instead of throwing the ball away that took the Vikings out of field goal range.

The Vikings also gave away points by turning the ball over. They fumbled a punt and then a kickoff deep in their end of the field. It was an embarrassing display of football.

Who do I blame the most for the trash that the Vikings displayed tonight? Leslie Frazier and his inept coaching staff is the most to blame for this debacle. They put an unprepared QB with an extremely limited number of plays on the field. Freeman was a lame duck.

The coaching staff seemed unprepared to play one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Vikings were outclassed by an 0-6 team. I'm being too nice to the Giants. They didn't outclass anyone. They were terrible as well. Against a credible NFL team they would have lost by 30 points.

The Vikings should be ashamed and embarrassed with the product they put on the field tonight. It was terrible.

Leslie Frazier should be embarrassed that he put Freeman on the field. Freeman doesn't know the playbook. He should have spent one more weeks learning the playbook. I also blame Frazier for not making a move at QB midway through the third quarter when it was obvious Freeman wasn't going to do anything at all.

This loss is on Frazier. He showed me that he should not be an NFL head coach. It's time for Frazier to be fired.

If you think things can't get much worse for the purple, think again. The Vikings play the Packers at home next week on Sunday night.

Josh Freeman

What do you think of Josh Freeman's performance on Monday Night?

He was terrible
He was a joke
The guy shouldn't be a starting QB in the NFL
It was unfair to Josh for the Vikings to start him
Now you can see why Tampa Bay dumped him
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