Monday, October 7, 2013

The Minnesota Vikings Made a Bad Decision by Signing Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman Autographed Photo - 8 x 10The Vikings have had issues at the quarterback (QB) position for a few years now. The Vikings blew it with Tarvaris Jackson and Donovan McNabb. They were inept with how dealt with the terrible play of Christian Ponder. The Vikings seem to have finally figured out that Ponder is not a good starting QB.

In the Pittsburgh game in London, the Vikings saw that it was possible for a QB to move the team and lead them on scoring drives. In Matt Cassell they also saw that a QB doesn't have to throw interceptions.

The problem with the Vikings is that they continue to make big mistakes at the QB decision. That was highlighted by Sunday's signing of Josh Freeman. Freeman was released last week by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They wanted nothing to do with the guy.

So the Vikings signed him. LOL. The Vikings like going after other team's QB failures. It seems to be their trademark. Some people love the trade for Freeman. I don't see why the Vikings would sign this loser.

Josh Freeman has been in decline mode the past couple of seasons. I believe that if a QB is in decline mode, he will continue to stink up the field. Somehow the Vikings think they can will Freeman to be a good QB. To be fair, the Vikings haven't committed to starting Freeman.

They seem to indicate that he will have to earn the starting position but they will give him that chance. One thing is certain, if Cassell has one average game, Freeman will start. I guess the Vikings want to fail and maybe starting Freeman will guarantee a high draft pick. Woo Hoo!!

Freeman also seems to have an attitude problem. Freeman missed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team photo. What was the moron thinking? In a QB you want a leader, not a head case.

In a QB you want a guy with a good head on his shoulders not some disgruntled cry baby.

So what did the Vikings do with this information? They went and signed him to a one year contract reportedly worth three million dollars.

The chances of Freeman being a long term option is slim and none. Even if the Vikings were hoping that he would be, I want the Vikings to go out and draft their guy. They need to draft a good QB (sure the Vikings blew it with Ponder but they should learn from that) and groom him to be their starter.

For me the signing of Freeman is the wrong decision. I don't see any benefit in it.


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