Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Minnesota Vikings are a Mess and Leslie Frazier is Clueless

Autographed Leslie Frazier Photo - 8x10 Jsa Hologram Minnesota Vikings CoachSince there is nothing good to report from Winter Park, I will keep on criticizing the Minnesota Vikings and Leslie Frazier. The Minnesota Vikings are a laughing stock in the NFL and national sports media. After two nationally televised games, two weeks in row, the Vikings showed how incompetent they are as a team.

They also showcased how pathetic they are at the rotating QB position. As I mentioned in an article earlier in the week Leslie Frazier eliminated his best QB as the starter for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. That QB gives the team the best chance of winning a football game. That QB is Matt Cassell. I was extremely critical of Frazier for his incompetent decision.

Today Leslie Frazier wouldn't reveal who would start the game Sunday. He wanted the element of surprise. As if Dallas cares which clown starts the game. They don't. Both eligible QBs (Josh Freeman and Christian Ponder) are a joke and don't belong in the NFL. Christian Ponder is one of the worst QB in the game.

Out of 33 NFL QBs, Christian Ponder is ranked 30th and Josh Freeman is ranked dead last. Those facts haven't deterred Leslie Frazier from continuing to muck up the situation. Leslie Frazier is a joke. He is clueless. He is making a terrible situation even worse. Frazier should be fired immediately. He is a useless coach.

Why am I so angry? I can't stand when a person is so stupid that they won't admit when they have made the wrong decisions. Leslie continues to compound on his disastrous decisions by naming the worst possible QB as the starter in their games.

Matt Cassell is the best QB on the roster but Leslie is too stubborn to correct his errors and start the guy. He has dug his feet in the stand and won't budge. Well he will go down sinking because he is in quick stand. 

Leslie hasn't publicly named Ponder as his QB but Vikings player Jerome Simpson hinted to the media that Ponder will be the starter. Leslie is starting a complete joke of a QB. Ponder has proven one thing this year and that's that he isn't capable of being a starting QB in the NFL. The guy is terrible. He's a laughing stock in the NFL.

Frazier is doing one thing spectacularly well. That is that he's angering the team's fan base. He is infuriating fans of the Vikings. Frazier is an inept head coach. He seems to be in over his head.

There are only two things that the fan base can cheer for now and that's that the Viking lose all their remaining games so they can get a good draft pick and also hoping that Frazier and all the team's coaches are fired soon.

It's so sad that fans like me have nothing positive to cheer for. It's maddening that the team's ownership is allowing this farce and mess to continue. Right now it seems like there is no hope for this team to improve. I think this team hasn't hit rock bottom yet. I think they have a long way to go before bottoming out.

It's time that the Vikings cut their losses with Frazier, his coaches and Christian Ponder.

I forgot to mention that due to his incompetence Leslie Frazier is providing something to sports bloggers and writers. What is it? Content for articles like this.


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