Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Five Worst Teams in the NFL

Autographed Eli Manning Photograph - 8x10Welcome to my new feature. Every week I provide my list of the worst teams in the NFL. Picking the five worst teams is pretty simple these days but ranking them from 5th worst to worst is quite another task. We should all know which teams are in the bottom two but other than that we have some work to do to rank them all.

So here we go.

#5 Oakland Raiders
The Vikings were pretty close to being on the list but the fact that they beat the Steelers last week and it looks like Matt Cassell is the man, the Vikings were let off the list for another week (or two in their case since they have the bye this week).

Oakland was without starter Terrelle Pryor due to injury. Matt Flynn replaced him but didn't do a good job at all. Oakland was beaten by the Washington Football Team and that's a joke.

Pryor will return this week and if he gets on a roll, some other team might need to fill this spot. Then again they do face the Chargers, so it looks like they will remain on the list next week.

#4 Pittsburgh Steelers
Now we get into the meat of the list. All the teams from here on out are 0-4 and they are terrible. The Steelers narrowly avoid being ranked lower due to Ben Rothlisberger who's moved the ball pretty well in the past two weeks. Sure, turnovers have hurt but he's also thrown some TDs.

Pittsburgh lost a tight game to the Vikings and that's the difference of the Steelers avoiding making this list and being the 4th worst team in the NFL,

Pittsburgh needs to allow Ben to do his thing. If they continue to limit his ability to make plays and be himself, the Steelers will be in even bigger trouble than they are now.

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
You say that these losers are ranked higher than the Giants? Sure they are. The reason for my decision to rank these clowns as the 3rd worst team and not the second has to do with my belief that their defense is better than the Giants defense.

Tampa Bay's defense is actually ranked 13th in the NFL while the Giants are ranked 22nd.

The big problem of course is at the QB position. Freeman is out and Glennon is in. Freeman is being shopped around which means that Glennon is the man.

Sorry Bucs fans, I don't think Mike is the guy!

#2 New York Giants
If the Jaguars didn't exist, the Giants would be the worst team in the NFL. Their defense stinks and as mentioned above they are ranked 22nd in the NFL.

The Giants have been blown out the last two games. They are sinking fast.

Then there's Eli Manning who's put up nine interceptions this year. That's just terrible. His stock is sinking fast as well.

The Giants might get some reprieve when they face the Eagles this week. Then again the Eagles can put up some points.

#1 Jacksonville Jaguars
There's not much to say about these underachievers. Their defense sucks. They keep on being blown out. They can't score because they have terrible QBs.

It doesn't matter which joke of a quarterback takes the field. Both Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert are among the worst in the NFL. Henne is ranked 29th and Gabbert is ranked 34th out of 34 QBs who are ranked based on passer rating.

If I was a betting man I would say that these 5 teams will probably make the list next week. Pittsburgh has the bye as well which guarantees their spot in the lineup.

Stats courtesy of: (defense) (QB Passing)

Worst Team in the NFL - Week #5

What is the worst team in the NFL?

Oakland Raider
Pittsburgh Steelers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars
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