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The Five Worst Teams in the NFL - End of Week 6

Ben Roethlisberger Signed Photo - 16x20 Up Close JSA AuthentictaedI'm back with my list of the worst NFL teams. The teams on this list are pathetic. They are a disgrace to their fans and their team's management. They are terrible. These teams stink up the field week in and week out. They are a joke. They are an embarrassment to everyone who plays the sport.

One team leaves the list in the hopes of finding greener pastures and another joins the ranks as they keep deteriorating. Oakland is the team that is off the list of the 5 worst teams in the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings join the list since they are not playing competitive ball.

#5 Pittsburgh Steelers (Up from 4th worst in week 4)
The Steelers came off their embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the London Bowl a couple of weeks ago to beat the New York Jets in week 6. At the time I thought that the Steelers would be a sure bet to be in the bottom 3 but the teams listed below them are too bad to be ranked higher than the Steelers.

This is a tough season for the Steelers. This is mostly uncharted territory for a team with a great tradition of being a winner on the field.

For those of you who are fans of teams ranked lower than the Steelers don't fret, the Steelers have a decent chance of taking your team's spot in the rankings.

#4 Minnesota Vikings (Not on the previous listing)
What can I say about the Minnesota Vikings? I can't say much other than this is a team with only a few good players. Other than those few good players the rest of the team is made up of a bunch of hacks.

The players aren't the only problem. The team's coaching staff is inept and clueless. It's obvious to me that Leslie Frazier should not be a head coach in the NFL. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave shouldn't be an offensive coordinator. He is inept.

With a loss to the New York Giants in week 7, the Vikings might end up in the #2 position on this list.

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No change from previous listing)
This is was a close one. I almost placed the Giants ahead of the Buccaneers but the defense of Tampa Bay's is better. I believe that a team needs a good defense to be competitive and the one that Tampa Bay puts on the field is more competitive than the Giants defense.

They also need a good offense which is something this team is lacking.

The biggest deficiency is the team's head coach Greg Schiano. Schiano is a bum and a pathetic coach. This guy should be dumped as soon a possible to make way for someone who can clean his mess up.

#2 New York Giants
The Giants are terrible. They can't score and their defense gives up tons of points. Eli Manning has thrown a league leading 15 interceptions and has only thrown 9 TDs.

If Eli doesn't pick things up this team might replace the Jaguars and dwell in the cellar of this listing.

#1 Jacksonville Jaguars (No change from last listing)
The Jags played a little better in week 6 but they still gave up 35 points and scored only 19. That isn't going to win you football games.

The Chargers, hot off their manhandling of the Indianapolis Colts march into Jacksonville and look to tame the cats.

This could be a winnable game for the Jags but it all depends on which Chargers team shows up on Sunday.

It will be interesting to see what changes if any the listing will see in a couple of weeks.

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New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars
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