Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Big Ten Network Should Be Banned From Televising Another College Hockey Game

University of Minnesota - Mariucci ArenaI tuned into the Big Ten Network to watch my behated Minnesota Gophers take on the Boston College Eagles. What should have been an enjoyable night of hockey turned into watching a garbage network show that they have no clue how televise hockey.

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian. Maybe it's because I'm a Minnesotan but I have to admit I'm a hockey snob and I have no time when hockey pretenders try to put their spin on the great sport. As much as I dislike the Gophers (I'm a U of North Dakota guy) and Fox Sports North (biased coverage) I missed watching the Gophers on the network last night.

I could only watch about 5 minutes of the trash that the Big Ten Network televised last night. It was a shame because I missed a good hockey game against two good college hockey teams.

So what is my problem with the Big Ten Network's coverage of the game last night in Minnesota? The quality of the picture was atrocious, annoying, embarrassing, pathetic and laughable. The players sticks glowed and had mirror images. The players and the ice surface were blurry. The picture quality was absolutely unforgivable. The Big Ten looked like an amateur network.

I was annoyed that I couldn't watch something as simple as a hockey game the way it is meant to be televised because the network is pathetic. I don't think I will attempt to watch another hockey game on the Big Ten Network.

I came into this college season already upset that the best conference in hockey history, the WCHA had to be disbanded due to Minnesota and Wisconsin joining the Big Ten Conference (for hockey). I'm upset that quality hockey had to give way to big money.

Watching the hockey game televised by hockey amateurs further fueled my dislike for the Big Ten Conference and anything associated with it.

Gone are the days of watching great WCHA hockey on networks that knew hockey, understood hockey and knew how to televise hokey. It's a shame to the sport. It's a shame to college hockey and it's a shame to a part of the country who loves their sport of hockey.

You know that Minnesota, North Dakota and even Wisconsin love the sport when their fans are prepared to watch a bitter long-time rival play in a game that means very little to them and their hockey teams.

Thanks to the Big Ten Network they have done their part in trashing a great game!

Big Ten Network

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  1. I don't know anything you are talking about. I watched it and I thought it was fine, the announcers are way better than the FSN announcers thats for sure.

  2. The announcing was fine but when the telecast is blurry there's something wrong. It isn't any of my 3 TVs. The hockey game on NBS Sports Network was just fine.

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