Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pathetic Doesn't Even begin To Explain the Minnesota Vikings

Signed Aaron Rodgers Picture - 8x10 Steiner COA MVPI had the displeasure of watching the Minnesota Vikings take the field against a real NFL team tonight in Minneapolis. The Green Bay Packers demolished the Vikings. The Packers had multiple drives of 8+ minutes. Heading into the 4th quarter the Packers hadn't punted the ball and they scored a TD at the 14:16 mark of the quarter to take the lead 38-17. Update: The Packers didn't punt the ball tonight.

Minnesota had the ball for 14:39 seconds through three quarters of play. That is absolute pathetic. It's a disgrace. This is a travesty. You can't blame this game on the Viking offense and Ponder. The Vikings defense didn't make an impact play on Sunday night.

Check that. Ponder is useless. He had a man 5 yards in front of him and he panicked and threw the ball away. Why would he want the mighty Packers to take the field again? This is a bad dream isn't it.

Then there's the fact that not only couldn't the Vikings stop the Packers on 3rd down but they couldn't stop them 4th down either. The Packers had absolutely no respect for the Vikings defense. This was evident on a 4th and three from the Vikings 40 and the Packers went for it and of course they were successful.

Who goes for it on 4tha and three on from the 40 unless they know they're playing and amateur outfit?

The Vikings haven't been competitive in three consecutive games. It doesn't seem as if the team has a game plan that prepares them to take the field. The Vikings took the field on Sunday night but they didn't play. They didn't make plays. They were inept in all phases of the game.

Green Bay took the field today knowing that they could do whatever they wanted to do. This was an extended practice for the Packers. They ran and tested plays that they would only do during practice. The Packers looked like they were playing a high school team tonight.

This isn't funny and pathetic doesn't even begin to describe the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings were terrible against their arch rival. Packers' fans were partying in the stands. This was more than an embarrassment. Leslie Frazier and his coaches don't deserve to be on the sidelines next week. The Vikings have not had a credible game plan in weeks.

It's unforgivable that the coaching staff can put a garbage product like this on the field. The coaching staff has proved to me that they don't have the qualifications to lead this team. This team is a complete and utter joke. It is been extremely painful to watch this team this year.

Just when I think things can't get worse for this club they find a way to surprise me. Next week this team is in Dallas. This is going to get even worse next week. I recommend that everyone start purchasing brown paper bags.

Stats courtesy of ESPN.

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