Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Once Again the Minnesota Wild Out Chance and Outplay their Opponent but Lose the Game

Pekka Rinne Signed Photo - 8x10 Kick SaveThe Minnesota Wild outplayed and out chanced their opponent for the third straight game but the result was the same. They lost to the sub-par Nashville Predators. Yes, the Predators tamed the Wild last night in Nashville. Before you think to yourself that the Wild have lost only one game, the Wild has two Over Time Losses (OTL) and one regular time loss. Keyword being loss.

All the Wild's opponents have arguably been outplayed by the Wild but they have outscored them as well. I look at goals scored as being the only thing that counts in a hockey game. If the Wild has 1,000 chances and scores only two goals and their opponents have five chances and score three goals, who's dominating who?

That's what happened last night. Another NHL goalie, this time Nashville's goalie Pekka Rinne looked like a future Hall of Fame inductee. Every opposing goalie looks like a future Hall of Fame inductee when they play the Wild. Nashville beat the Wild 3-2.

It's time for Wild fans, their coaches, players and management to admit that they have players who can't score. They have the best players who create chances but their feeble attempts at scoring are evident to me.

What made last night's game really frustrating was that Niklas Backstrom got the start and then got hurt and we don't know for how long. It looked like Niklas wouldn't even start the game.

Another annoying development is the terrible and inopportune penalties that the Wild took last night. You can add Mr. Zach Parise to that list. He took a boneheaded penalty at the end of the second period, just when the Wild were starting to try and mount a comeback. That took all their momentum out of their wings as they had to start the third period down a man.

Maybe things aren't that bad. The Wild face the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night in St. Paul and the Wild are just about guaranteed their first win of the season. I don't see the Jets having any chances of winning that game but then again the Minnesota "We will out chance you" Wild might make Ondrej Pavelic look like a Hall of Fame inductee as well.

As mentioned throughout this article and my previous 2013/14 Wild updates, this is a Wild team that is following a terrible tradition of not being able to score goals. You can change the players and get some so called superstars but the minute these losers hit the ice they have an inability of being able to score goals.

Sure they outplay and out chance their opponents but who cares. Their opponents score more goals than they do and win games. That's what's important isn't it? Scoring goals and winning games is what it's all about.

Below are some interesting comparisons of the Wild's inability to score compared to their opponents:
2010/11 - Goals Scored/Game Average = 2.51. Goals Given Up/Average = 2.84.
2011/12 - Goals Scored/Game Average = 2.16. Goals Given Up/Average = 2.76.
2012/13 - Goals Scored/Game Average = 2.54. Goals Given Up/Average = 2.65.
Current - Goals Scored/Game Average = 2.33. Goals Given Up/Average = 3.33.

What have the big stars done for this team? Where are the goals? Where are they? Where are they? Where are they?

Sources: 2013/14 NHL Stats 2012/13 NHL Stats 2011/12 NHL Stats 2010/13 NHL Stats

Minnesota Wild Lose to Nashville

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