Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh No Romo. Again

Tony Romo Autographed Photo - 11x14 PSA/DNAThe Denver Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys 51-58 in a shootout in Dallas this evening. For most of the game, Tony Romo was actually outplaying Peyton Manning. The Denver defense could not stop Romo in the second half (and most of the first half as well).

Tony was moving the ball up and down the field in the 4th quarter. He was racking up the yards and he set a Dallas record for passing yards with 506 yards. Then disaster struck like it has in the past for Tony Romo.

With under two minutes left in the game and Romo having the perfect game, it seemed inevitable that he would lead the Cowboys on a game winning drive. That wasn't to be. On a second down and 16 yards to go play, Tony threw an interception that put Denver deep in the Cowboy's end of the field.

Everyone watching the game knew that was the end for Dallas. In typical Manning fashion, Peyton led his team to the 1 yard line and then took a couple of knees to run out the clock. Then Denver kicker Matt Prater kicked the game winning 28 yard field goal leaving no time on the clock.

It was a beautiful sight to see Peyton Manning and the Broncos win the game. I'm a big Peyton fan, have been a Broncos fan for years and I don't like the Cowboys.

I've been overly critical of Romo in the past and this actually pains me to write about his latest mistake with the game on the line. Tony played a game for the ages. While I dislike him and think that he's overrated, he was having a career day. The only thing that could ruin that would be a typical Tony "Oh No" Romo idiotic play.

There will be Romo fans who will argue that the guy is a great QB. They will argue that he has great stats and a great passer rating. What they won't argue is that they probably say "Oh No Romo" more times than they can remember. They probably say "Oh No" when Romo bungles a game that he should have won.

The mark of a great QB is pulling out a victory when everything's on the line. Peyton threw an interception in the 4th quarter that could have caused his team the victory but Manning is great and he forgot about that mistake and led his team to victory win when Romo messed up.

These types of mistakes must be mental for Tony. For 58+ minutes Tony let great play and instincts do the job. Then when it was on the line it looked like Romo was second guessing himself. It looks like Romo was expecting to make a huge game costing error instead of making a good play like he had all day.

This will hurt the Cowboys and Romo. It will be hard for them to bounce back. Denver was expected to run away with the game but the Cowboys showed the NFL that they could keep up with their high flying offense. Dallas fans had to feel that victory was theirs. Romo's teammates had to have that feeling as well.

I would like to see Romo pull out a big victory without making a boneheaded play. Until he can consistently do that he will be known as Oh No Romo. The guy is not a winner. You can argue with me all you want and say that Romo is a winner but he has proven otherwise.

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