Monday, October 28, 2013

NFL Recap - Week #8 - 2013 Season

This was another disappointing week for me that was capped with another horrible performance by my Minnesota Vikings. It wasn't bad enough that the Vikings had to stink up the field on Monday Night Football last week but they had to provide us with an encore on Sunday night as well.

Let's get to the picks before I go on a rant!

Carolina Panthers 31 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13)
Carolina - In two weeks we've played the Vikings and the Buccaneers. Maybe our opponents make us look great.
Tampa Bay - If only we played Minnesota this year we could get a victory.

Washington Football Team 21 at Denver Broncos (45)
Washington - We played well for 2 1/2 quarters.
Denver - Peyton only scored 4 TDs? LOL.

Atlanta Falcons 13 at Arizona Cardinals (27)
Atlanta - Do you think Matt's 4 INTs had something to do with this loss?
Arizona - Our bird is better than your bird.

New York Jets 9 at Cincinnati Bengals 49
New York Jets - Ok, we suffered a little setback.
Cincinnati - It's nice to shut bigmouth's yap.

Pittsburgh Steelers 18 at Oakland Raiders 21
Pittsburgh - How do you lose to a QB who throws for only 88 yards and also throws 2 INTs.
Oakland - A win is a win is a win.

Dallas Cowboys 30 at Detroit Lions 31
Dallas - Can't Romeo finish a game? Sure he can put all those beautiful stats on the board but winning is what counts.
Detroit - Guys, wer're going to spike the ball. We're going to spike the ball. We're going to spike the ball. Sike. TOUCHPOWN!!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Cleveland Browns 17 at Kansas City 23
Cleveland - We had a few good weeks but that's not who we really are. You're seeing the real Brows now.
Kansas City - Do you think Andy is happy to be out of Philly?

Miami Dolphins 17 at New England Patriots 27
Miami - We suck.
New England - The Dolphins played well for about 3 minutes.

Buffalo Bills 17 at New Orleans 35
Buffalo - How the F do you stop Brees?
New Orleans - Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Drew Brees!!!!

New York Giants 15 at Philadelphia Eagles 7
New York - We hit the lottery these past two weeks. We played two of the worst teams in the NFL.
Philadelphia - Vick's hurt again? The guy is a walking, talking injury machine.

San Francisco 49ers 42 at Jacksonville 10
San Francisco - We love to play teams that allow us to pad our stats.
Jacksonville - Is this ever going to stop?

Green Bay Packers 44 at Minnesota Vikings 31
No comment!

Seattle Seahawks 14 at St. Louis Rams 9
This was a terrible game until the last 30 seconds.

Until the Minnesota Vikings play like an NFL team I will have no comment on their games.

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